Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Vandals took knives and axes to our Shaw Internet service and cut the main fibre-optic line affecting service to our city,  this past Friday or Saturday. We've been in internet darkness ever since.  The story made the local radio and TV news.  Service was finally restored to our home last evening.  

To add insult to injury, we also depend on Shaw for our home telephone service and yes, service was cut off too.  Thankfully we have cell phone service which allowed us to stay in touch.

Finally caught up on blogs from the past few days.  I was able to check email by using my iPhone with satellite.  Great feature to have when there is no other way to communicate.  

Surrey Arts Centre
 With good friends, Lorne and Mariette, Jeanette and I attended the 'Buddy Holly' Arts Club presentation.  What a treat this live theater presentation was.  It was a five star presentation.

Barb, future mom in law to our son, Deni. (taken with my iPhone)
What a nice surprise to find Barb and Doug show up at the very same play.  I caught this photo of Jeanette with Barb before the theater doors opened.

Gorgeous fall day....
Well, the weekend proved interesting, weather wise.  Saturday was a wash out with rain but Sunday brought the sun back and who could resist taking advantage of that with a motorcycle ride.
Started and ready to roll....
Jeanette and I dressed up, donned our sun glasses, put on our helmets and headed for the seaside fishing village of Steveston. A lunch with fish and chips seemed to be the draw for us. 
Jeanette is enjoying her fish and chips
Located in the city of Richmond, BC - a suburb of the city of Vancouver - Steveston has a history dating back to the early 1900's.  It is still a large fishing port and a great place for tourists.  Fresh fish and shellfish are for sale fresh off the numerous seiners and gillnetters at dock.
Such a pleasant view.
A crisp fall day with no wind made for a pleasing walk along the Steveston waterfront that hugs the mighty Fraser River.  It's here that the south arm of the Fraser drains into the Pacific Ocean.
From here, Jeanette is looking due west toward Vancouver Island - where Rick & Paulette's RV Travels live. 
Beautiful setting. 
After spending a couple of hours enjoying the sights, sounds and food fare, we prepared to ride eastward into the Rollie Lakes/Stave Lake area, in the mountains north of the Fraser River.
Many restaurants offering a variety of seafood.
The Fraser River, just west of the Village of Steveston.
There were many families enjoying the nice fall weather and picnicking in the many parks dotting the river.
Large maple leaves found at Stave Lake Power Station.
Our back yard - In full fall colour.
Because these sunny and warm fall days are a bonus, we did take full advantage of the day and toured some of the many areas we enjoy motorcycling to. 

With our Internet connection back we'll be able to catch up with the many bloggers who are presently - or soon to be - on the road towards the sunnier and warmer climes of the southern US and Mexico.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I saw that story on the news about the Shaw lines being cut - how annoying and senseless.

    Your backyard looks absolutely beautiful! Great colors.

  2. Steveston to the Stave?..that is quite the day trip!..it was a beautiful day!
    So sorry to hear about the vandalism!..darn people!!

  3. Great pictures of Steveston, I grew up off #4 Road and Steveston Hwy. We were there last summer while visiting family in White Rock, and bought some fresh shrimp off the boats. We enjoy your blog and motorcycle outings.

  4. Wow... you had a great day for a bike ride... looked like a great place to ride.

    Too bad about the lines being cut... some people!