Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5th Wheel is Ready for Hitching! Can't Wait!

We finally received word, mid yesterday afternoon, that our fiver was ready.  Although the repairs were completed on Monday, we received a call that the wrong springs had been installed and the tires were too close to each other.  After removing the 26" springs in favour of 25" the problem was cured.

Now, we aren't there (nor were we these past 10-12 days) to oversee any of the work so we have to rely on the good work of the RV repair facility.  I guess we'll find out today - or the next day, or later - just how well the fix up is.
Last Sunday evening.

 Returning to the family farm after visiting with Jeanette's mom, the late evening sky was showing some great form and colour.
Grain bins waiting for the fall harvest.
The rolling hills and treed countryside are a treat to see.  This lakeland country offers some quality scenics - any time of the year.  There is beauty in the prairie landscape.  Winter is less inviting though.
A mid-Monday coffee with Jeanette's mom.  Mary was sad to see us leave back for home. 
It was tough on my mother in law to see us leave but she understands.  Jeanette will resume her regular telephone calls and that will help keep Mary up to date on things.  She did say how nice it was to have everyone together although the reason for that was a sad one.  'C'est la vie'!  Life goes on!
My nephew Brad with Easton and Ginette. He is my older sister's youngest son.
We drove to Edmonton, mid-afternoon on Monday.  After a short shopping spree to pick up some groceries for an evening BBQ at our son's Edmonton home, we arrived and prepared the turkey burgers and other foods for the invitees.
Brad's wife, Jamie and second daughter Alyssa.
It is always nice to get some family members together.  The evening proved to be a nice one for an outdoor BBQ.  
Brad and Jamie's daughter Meghan - with boyfriend and Major Junior hockey player Stephan. He plays for the Edmonton Oil Kings.
The gathering, on a lovely evening.
With great food, equally great family members and a great evening, it was fun to catch up on everyone's lives.  These moments mean more to life and living than any material goods.  Jeanette and I cherish every opportunity to get together with family members.
I got to meet Amelia, my middle brother's daughter Michelle's 18 month old.
We had not had the opportunity to meet Amelia before.  What a nice treat...and what a sweet 18 month old girl.  She sure reminds us of her mom and dad. My middle brother, Roland, passed away, accidentally, 11 years ago.
Everyone is enjoying banter and laughter.
Michelle's brother, Justin - the hockey aficionado!
Roland's son Justin joined us for the meal too.  We do get to see him almost every time we are in Edmonton.  He lives close by our son.
Jamie gets to have some face time with Easton.  It was the first time they met.
Once it cooled off outdoors everyone poured into the house to continue the visit.  Some left earlier to prepare for their work lives.  We settled in for the evening.
A couple of thunderclouds came over and quickly dropped their loads!
Although Tuesday was a very nice day in Edmonton, two dark gray clouds rolled over and it was a deluge of rain in a very short time.  Sure works to keep the dust down and the streets clean.  The lawns seem to thrive from that too.
Last evening.  Deni and I with Easton.
Our son in law Trevor flies into Edmonton on Thursday - joining Easton and Ginette for the weekend.  They are here to attend friends' wedding events.  Ginette and Easton were to fly in with Trevor but chose to advance their flights when Jeanette's father passed away recently.

So, with that said, we will head west to Hinton, Alberta, this morning to hitch up and continue out drive to the west coast.

Our 5th wheel undercarriage has been beefed up.  We chose to replace all shackles, springs and shocks.  One damaged tire needed to be replaced.  According to the RV repair facility, we're good to go. We'll report more on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. What a lovely visit with your extended family!!..moments to treasure!!..we wish you good luck and safe travels as you hitch up and head west!!!

  2. This has been a long, emotion filled couple of weeks for you! Picking up the fiver and heading home will be the final episode in this adventure. Here is hoping that it is repaired properly and tows well.

    I suspect there will be a little "crash and burn" time for the two of you when you get home!

  3. looks like you had an excellent family visit with alot of your travels on your way west...!!