Monday, July 9, 2012

We Pulled Off a BIG Surprise!

What started out as a planned east Fraser Valley motorcycle ride on Sunday - with Lucky and Trena, RV friends who live between Abbotsford and Chilliwack, BC - that plan changed for a great, long day, motorcycle ride to Lantzville on Vancouver Island.

Can you say FANTASTIC!

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8:30 am - Sunday morning - meeting Lucky - on his new Harley - near our home on 16th Avenue in South Langley.
Why a Vancouver Island trip?  Well, late Friday evening  I received an email from Diane stating that our good friend Hector, Diane's husband,  was celebrating a special birthday on Sunday.  Diane's email stated it would be nice if we were there to help celebrate. 
Well, one telephone call to Lucky (Trena) and it was instantly decided that Sunday's motorcycle plans would indeed change to include a nice ride to the Tsawwassen Ferries terminal, a great 2 hour boat ride to Duke Point Ferries terminal in Nanaimo, a nice 40 minute motorcycle ride to Hector and Diane's home in Lantzville for the  BIG surprise birthday visit and party.
Beautiful lighthouse near the entrance to the Duke Point Ferries terminal dock in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.
The weather was picture perfect.   Although Trena was to come along for the ride, her plans changed so Lucky opted to join Jeanette and I for the day.  And a great day it was!
On the ferries ship readying for the two hour cruise to Vancouver Island.
Our ferries ride was beautiful.  We sat on the port side deck and enjoyed the view while catching up on our respective lives.
12:50 pm - Arriving at Hector and Diane's home in Lantzville.
Although Diane had planned for our arrival after Hector had returned from one of his many off shore fishing trips, we beat Hector home.  Diane was quick to have us park our motorcycles in the car port and she drove a vehicle in front to hide us from Hector.  He had informed Diane that he was mere minutes from home.
1:15 pm - Was Hector (left) surprised by our presence?  YOU BET!!!   He wondered who was signing the 'Happy Birthday" song from behind his Travel Supreme motor-home.
The surprise was a special candid moment.  Hector could not believe his eyes.  Appearing from behind the motor-home were these three bikers (Lucky, Jeanette and I) and he had no clue we would be there.  What he did know was that Diane had planned a simple barbecue  with close friends.
The guys are sharing tales of late....while the girls were on the other side sharing their stories too.
Hector and Diane love to sport fish for salmon.  That - and golf - are what Hector loves to partake in during the summer months on the island.  The winters are spent RV'ing in the US southwest...and other points south - such as Mexico.
Hector and good fishing buddy barbs (and likely a few fish tales too!).
Hector was quick to throw some brisket and salmon on the barbecue.  Diane had prepared all the other dishes in advance and we were being set up for a fantastic outdoor meal.
Ron, a friend for Diane's and Hectors' - getting a good helping of salad from Terry.
Terrry and husband Nestor - who live in Nanaimo - also RV in the US southwest during the winter months. We met them last winter.  It was nice to see them both once again.
A meal fit for royalty!  Hmmmm, hmmmmm, goood!
We enjoyed ourselves!  Boy did we enjoy ourselves!  Laughter and banter was the order of the day.  Trading barbs fits in here too!

Then the cerebral clock ticked that it was nearing the time to suit up to catch the Coastal Renaissance ferry, from Departure Bay, Nanaimo, to Horseshoe Bay on the mainland in West Vancouver.
What a setting!  It almost seems like a dream.  Were we really there?
Well, the dream was real.  We had ventured to celebrate Hector's birthday. The surprise was true, the laughter great, the camaraderie unbelievable, the food fantastic, and the entire day a gem!

Awesome birthday cake!
Golf and fishing?  That sums up Hector's two primary summer activities!
Hector cut the cake....we ate some more...then started the bikes and said our good byes! As with all good things, the time comes to move on.  Move on we did! 
With special friend - and hockey aficionado - Ron....a worldly,  well traveled 82 year old.
A special hug - or head rub - from good friend and fishing buddy, Ross.
Diane (Hector)  and Karen (Ross) ....were busy looking after us.  Thanks!
While we ate cake, Hector read cards.
Ron, a fishing expert in his own right (golfing guru too), hand made these fishing lures for Hector.  Check out the writing and special note on Hector's 39th birthday.

Hector, Lucky and we prepare to leave.
Approaching the Departure Bay ferries terminal.
We made great time to the ferries terminal so we had the time to remove  the riding gear and enjoy some early evening sun.

On board!
Final approach to Horseshoe Bay ferries terminal on the mainland.
We arrived on time @ 9:00 pm, then headed on the Trans Canada Highway for home.

I wonder if Hector believes we were actually present for his special day?  Either way, this is one example of our belief that life is meant to be lived....and we did live Sunday in a great way.  We rode, we sailed, we joined great friend for laughs, shared a meal, we celebrated, we rode again and home we were.

It was an AWESOME 15 HOUR DAY!  YEAH!!!!!

To Diane - Hector's wife - you deserve a BIG Thank You for organizing such a perfect day.  We were thrilled to be a part of a wonderful day.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. what a great day filled with good friends and fun!!..and some sunshine too!!..Happy Birthday to Hector!!!

  2. That's really odd, I know Hector and Diane. Hector used to be my boss quite a few years ago. Good people.

  3. Jean,

    Lovely to have you drop in on our blog and get to read about your former boss, Hector. Yes, they are good people! and it was a fun day.

  4. The best kind of day--you are truly good friends to travel by land and sea for a birthday party!

  5. Wow...what a day you had! Love taking my bike on the Ferries...better yet when you get to see Friends!

  6. Sure the perfect day for that island visit. Hectors party looked perfect, what a nice surprise it was. Glad you had such a good time.

  7. what a nice surprise and how nice that you could be there for your friend...!!