Monday, September 17, 2012

Early Visitors Arrive.....

Jeanette and I expected the arrival of our first out of town visitors on Saturday.  They were driving from Calgary and chose to leave on Friday afternoon, drive part way, overnight, then complete the drive on Saturday.
A great back road ride heading up towards Mount Baker, Washington State.
Given that we had completed most of our tasks to ready for the influx of visitors and friends who will attend our son's wedding this September 21,  we felt the urge to head off for a nice motorcycle ride in the neighbouring Washington State countryside.  We did just that on Friday.  The weather was - dare I say it - unbelievably wonderful!.
We love riding in these canopied roads.
We know many of the back roads that lead up to Mount Baker.  We had those roads to ourselves.  Our first stop was at Silver Lake, situated at the foot of the mountain.  That did not disappoint....and never does! Whatcom County Parks and Recreation - Silver Lake Park
Still flowering!
Only a few like minded folks were there.  There was one fisherman on the lake, a few kayakers exploring the shoreline and a few hikers.  We walked up to the RV camping area and, other than a few spots taken, the campground offered plenty of available spots.
This beautiful, clear, lake only permits motorized boats with less than 10 hp engines. 
Foot bridge from the parking area to the RV camp spots. 
We did not see any large fish in the crystal clear waters but plenty of minnows were feeding in the shallow areas.
Silver Lake is nestled in the foothills of Mt. Baker.
After walking around, sitting near the lake, and enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the place, we headed off.  Our plan was to take Highway 9 south from Mt. Baker to the town of Sedro Wooley and then into Burlington, WA.

We found a good lunch place in Burlington. Later, we dropped into the huge Camping World nearby to price out some RV services.  With the motorcycle heated grips at the end of their useful lives, we ordered a new set from the motorcycle shop nearby.

Seven hours after the start of our ride - crossing the border into the US, and enjoying a wonderful fall day on some amazing back roads - we returned to the Canadian border and back home near 6:00 pm.

Shortly after arriving back home, our Calgary visitors 'texted' that they were well into their 9.5 hour drive from Calgary to Langley.  They were not tired, traffic on the Trans Canada Highway was light, and that precipitated the decision to make the drive to our home in one shot.  They arrived at our door shortly after midnight.   We visited for a good 90 minutes before calling it a night.
Jeanette's sister Deb gets to share some time with Easton and Ginette.
Jeanette and Deb ran some errands on Saturday and they chose to stop by Trevor, Ginette and Easton's house for a visit.  Easton was busy in his play station but offered a smile and hugs to his great aunt and his nana.
Easton is changed and ready to party!  Love that cute hat!
Trevor, Ginette and Easton were soon to head off to a birthday party and, once changed, Easton agreed to a photo with his nana before Jeanette and Deb drove back to our home.

Bob and I kept busy driving around the Langley countryside.  Following a coffee at Krause Berry Farm, we purchased a blackberry pie for dinner and drove into Fort Langley before heading back for home.  Krause Berry Farms
Deb and Bob....working on dinner preparations.
 We enjoyed a wonderful salmon barbecue, spent a lovely evening in the sun room chatting and catching up on news and views before calling it a night,... well after midnight.

Sunday morning saw Bob and Deb drive to the Vancouver Airport South Terminal for a quick flight to Powell River. They had planned a three day visit with life long friends who retired there a few years back.  It was a great day for flight over the mountains and for crystal clear views of the Pacific inside ocean passage.  Discover Powell River

After Deb and Bob left for their flight, Jeanette and I prepared to move the 5th wheel out of its resting place and on to the front driveway.  We did just that.  The fiver will house some pre-wedding guests (part of the wedding party) for a pre-wedding party this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Once the wedding party head for the downtown Vancouver hotel, the sheets will be changed and the fiver will be ready to receive two nieces with children.  They will occupy the 5th wheel while my two sisters and a nephew and his wife occupy a local hotel  The spare rooms in our home will house two of Jeanette's sisters, spouses and kids.  It is going to be a busy time!
Fiver set up and ready to serve as sleeping accommodations.
Our son, Deni, who will wed Courtney this Friday, September 21, is hosting a  pre-wedding party to include family, wedding party friends and others this Wednesday.  Other than those who live nearby and will drive home, we will be housing everyone else.  It should be a fun time.  We look forward to that.

We received a telephone call last night with news that Deni and Courtney had arrived from Edmonton, Alberta, They were at Courtney's mom's house in Surrey - about 20 minutes west from our home.  They drove out yesterday.  We will see them at our home this Tuesday evening.
All set.  B&B anyone?
The added advantage with the 5th wheel set up is the extra refrigeration space it offers.  With the two extra RV refrigerators operating, they afford Jeanette the flexibility to keep a lot of food at the ready.  Bonus!  I can see myself going back and forth with food stuff these next several days.

That's it for now....but as the visitor traffic increases, and the activities begin, we'll keep you updated.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. nice that you had that great biking day in a calm peaceful area because the storm is about to hit...enjoy every minute of it sounds like you are both ready for entertaining and hosting...can't wait to see all the updates....

  2. the peace and quiet will soon be gone!..the park you went to sounded lovely..lots of sites? or is it a small park?

  3. Those RV's do come in handy! We also have two fridges in ours and everything was filled to the brim with wedding food.

    Have fun and congratulations to the young couple!

  4. Beautiful looking ride to Mount Baker and looked like lot's of fun with the family. That Blackberry pie sure sounded good. Nice picture of Jeanette and Easton. Sure was perfect weather for the wedding this past weekend.