Monday, August 11, 2014


With a few days dedicated to working on the deck works in our back yard, last week, much progress was made.  The composite skirting was completed.  There is no exposed wood on the deck.  Maintenance, from this day forward, will be minimal.  Yeah to that!
Completing the pergola on the side of the new deck.
Other than the continuation of the deck/pergola project, our other activities pale in comparison.  The deck and pergola were completed this Friday past.  Other than a few touch ups with colour matched stain, the pergola is finished.
This (Monday) morning's project - once this blog is posted - is to clean up the tools and material cut offs before washing the deck down with soap and water.

Jeanette is holding a nurses 'games night' at our home, this evening, and the clean up is in order.  Although we do have a couple of other back yard build projects, they are small jobs by comparison to the deck build. We are quite thrilled to have completed this large project.  And we are quite thrilled with the final result too!
Adding on to the previously existing pergola
With the add on...
We took a motorcycle ride in the area this past Saturday and the hot weather drew us to the Fraser River to see what, if any, activities could be of interest.  The First Nations' fishers were busy with drift nets.  The Fraser River Sockeye run is well under way and the native fishery is allowed before a planned three hour commercial opening this (Monday) afternoon.  It is reported that each commercial fish boat will net between 300-500 Sockeye salmon in that three hour window.  That is a lot of fish.  I may motorcycle down to the river before the 3:00 pm opening, this afternoon,  to catch a glimpse of the hundreds of fish boats fighting for space on the river.
Fraser River....gearing up for a sockeye salmon fisheries opening today (Monday)
Driving onto a small Government of Canada wharf, we were afforded a decent view of the activities on the river.
First Nations fish boat working its way up river.
A half hour of observing the action on the Fraser was long enough.  We left there and worked our way back to Fort Langley where we found a shaded spot along an estuary of the Fraser where we could sit and enjoy some reading and observing kayakers, boaters and swimmers.
A shaded spot along the Fraser River.....
Sunday morning drew me to White Rock where only three of us 'Open Mic' attendees showed up to bring solution to world events.  We are often 6 to 8 to 10 attendees but, with summer holidays, several guys were away.
Only three attendees at 'Open Mic', Sunday morning  L-R Denis, Mike and Me
Our son Deni texted and included a couple of photos of their drive out to visit his maternal grandmother at her long term care facility, about 90 minutes east of the city of Edmonton, Alberta.  They enjoyed a nice Sunday drive into the countryside.  Jeanette's mom, Mary, benefits from these visits and it keeps her so well connected to her grandchildren and  great grandchildren.
Denis, Owen and Owen's great grand mother, Mary.
L-R   Courtney, Deni, Owen and Mary
While I was at 'Open Mic', Jeanette and a couple of friends got together and drove out to the little town of Ladner to attend a popular Sunday outdoor market.  She returned with some fresh vegetables.

This will be a week to complete some less demanding projects on the home front. Although not a lot of preparation is required, we do have a planned Vancouver Island motorcycle trip planned for three days, with another RV couple we know,  beginning Monday of next week.  We are looking forward to that.

And that covers things from here, for now.

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  1. Love your deck and pergola, another job well done.

  2. That is one great looking deck, Rene! Nice job.

    Owen sure is one happy looking little fellow - there's nothing like a baby's smile to make you happy!

    I guess you open mic guys had lots of opportunities to solve many of the world's problems with just 3 of you to share solutions. I feel safer already!!