Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Shed Stuff...!

The weather has been really nice here; sunny and reasonably nice west coast winter temperatures ranging between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius (40-50 degrees F.)

A few days back, Jeanette and I found the perfect window to install on the east facing wall of the shed.
The object!

The project!

The placement!

Must build the frame and header!

Required tools!

Another required tool!

Framing nail gun makes for quick work!

Header is in place!

Ready to install the window!

Window is in - tested - leveled - and secured!

Ready for exterior window treatment to match our home!

Inside view with the new ledge!
So, with the right tools, it took little time to cut, build out the frame, header and ledge, staple some black paper to the exterior, insert and finally secure the window.

Door is properly seated and framed!

Window trim - to be painted in the spring - makes this shed ready to accept some matching vinyl siding!

Just this little touch adds character to the project!
So, it's now time to run off to find a supplier for the vinyl siding and soffits.  I sourced a few suppliers on the internet and will drive off to see if any one of them can match our existing house colour.

What's with the flowers?
Jeanette celebrated another birthday this past Monday.  Her nursing friends - retired, semi retired and the working crew - took her out for lunch and she came home with this lovely bouquet.
Hey, I didn't forget either!  We had dinner out last evening and took in a movie at the local Colossus giant screen theatre.

There you have it!  I shed a few pounds working on my shed!.  One more project accomplished!  Boring stuff for blog readers, I know!!!!!  'Twon't be long now before we offer a bit more interesting stuff to read.

Have a good one!


  1. Well Happy belated birthday to Jeanette...and nice job on the shed!!!!! Not boring at all..when are you folks heading out...and where are you heading?

  2. Glad your getting some good weather. Nice framing job on the sheds window. I like your idea of matching the siding with the house. Happy belated birthday to Jeanette. We had a great time at the Sands but did not make in those two days to the golf course. Played Monday near my home with friends at Eagle Glen. If you ever get a chance come by Corona I will set us up a game to play on me. You can see the course at

  3. Elaine,

    We are planning to leave after Christmas and some quality time with our kids. I would venture that we will be rolling closer to New Years. We will head for Arizona....and likely Moabi Regional Park near Bullhead City. After that we plan to spend some time east of Phoenix/Mesa in Gold Canyon, at the foot of Superstition Mountain. We want to spend some time in Yuma (the Foothills area) and then complete our winter stay in the Palm Springs/Desert Hot Springs area.

    It's all written in jello!!!.

  4. Alan,

    I guess you were kept busy at the Sands, Too busy to golf? What's with that? LOL

    I just may take you up on the offer to play near your home this winter. We'll see our wheels get parked. So, we could be in touch!

  5. a very happy belated birthday to Jeannette!!..the flowers are lovely! I am sure the date night was too!!..
    nice work on the shed!..the popout window is a nice touch!

  6. Happy Birthday, Jeanette!

    Great job on the new window for the shed! Not even a broken pane of glass - you are a pro!!

  7. Not "boring stuff" at all. I love work, I could watch it all day.
    (that's old, sorry)
    That sure is a lot of framing nailer for what? 20-25 nails?
    But hey, hafta keep the thing oiled and exercised!