Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yesiree! We're still around and about!

How inviting!
Have not had a whole lot to write about these past several days.  Something about this time of year seems to put a damper on outdoor activities.  We did have a couple of sunny days and one of those was immediately taken for a round of golf.  The other day was reserved for a hike on a brand new trail we discovered.
Just a few seconds of momentary distraction led to this.  It's not us!
I did not witness this accident but came upon it a few minutes after the car hit a driveway approach and ended its voyage forever.  I quickly pulled over and asked the driver if he was OK.  His hand was bleeding but he seemed fine otherwise.  Without a cell phone to make an emergency call, I quickly parked out of the way and then called 911 on his behalf.  The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) arrived within ten minutes or so.
He drove a long way, trying to get out of a deep ditch, before hitting head on with a driveway approach.
I observed that the driver had not been drinking nor did he appear to be under the influence of drugs.  He seemed perfectly fine.  He explained that he was reaching for a CD on the passenger floor when he left the road.  Easy to do on this busy road because there is no shoulder to speak of.  In my opinion, the car is a write off.
The RCMP officer arrived and I then left for home.
What is interesting - or sad - about this story is that the young fella tried to get the attention of at least 25-30 vehicles before I stopped.  No one would stop.  How callous!

The driver told me he was heading home to Chilliwack to prep his suitcase to head to his original home in Scotland for a three week visit with family and friends.  This accident put a damper on his day, for sure.

Although it is late fall, there are still some green leaves.

Tuesday proved to be a beautiful fall day.  The sun was shinning, the air was crisp and it was a fitting day to discover another hike.  And we did just that!

We discovered a new trail in the Aldergrove Lake trail head that took us well over two hours to complete.  It's a mix of dense forest and open meadows with steep up and down trails that really offer a nice walking workout.

Jeanette is looking for leaves to step on.  She loves the crunching sound of dried leaves.
A steep downhill (or uphill for those walking opposite from us)
Rain forest ferns thrive in this climate.
I had Jeanette hold up this tree so that I could take this photo.  Always nice to have a partner who is so willing to take on the heavy lifting!  Hey, she is no slouch!
Walked out of the thick forest trails and on to this open meadow.  What a treat!
We ended up on the far side, after a round about trail walk.  The mountains in the background are snow capped.
.....and we were back in the ticket.  Out of the blue was this massive rock.  It's interesting how (or why) it is the only one on the entire trail.
This was the trail.  We'll be coming here often, that's for sure. It's only two minutes from our home.
After that great hike, we headed back for home so that Jeanette could prepare for a very early morning flight out to Calgary, Alberta, where she would join her sister Deb for the four hour drive to their parents' place.  Their father ended up in the local hospital and is now slated to enter a care facility.  The two sisters were going to join another sister, Darlene, to assist with the tasks required to get their father placed and settled.

I'm holding down the fort here.  With the President's Cup  (PGA GOLF) being held at the Royal Melbourne in Australia, I spent six hours watching the Golf Channel last evening.  Although I would rather be there following the golfers (or better yet, playing that course), it's great fun to follow them in High Definition too.  The tournament (as with them all) is held over four full days of golf.

While I was busy working on reorganizing our substantive 'online' music library, I looked out to see this!  YIKES!
Yep!  That's wet snow.
 A cold front came through.  The winds began  to howl, followed by this snow, followed by warming air and heavy rains, followed by calm temps and all of that transpired within about 45 minutes.
I guess we could call this a 'skiff of snow'.
For all of the snow birding west coasters, this is what you missed by not being here yesterday.  Today returned a bright, sunny, fall day.

I have to sign off to prepare for the President's Cup Golf coverage.  I do have a few errands that must be taken of before I can devote the precious time with the Golf Channel.
I would rather be here - live and in person - but the Golf Channel will suffice.
Wishing you all a wonderful day.


  1. I always have liked the rain Forest ferns. Beautiful hiking trail nice find. We like to hike around Redwood Park in Surrey lots of exotic plants and evergreen type trees. Sorry to hear about Jeanette's father. In the pictures you shared over the summer he looked so well and active for his age. Must be hard on her Mum also.

  2. Allen and Lolita,

    Yes, hiking in Redwood Park, Surrey, is nice too. There are so many wonderful hikes within short driving distance.

    It is tough to see one's parent(s)have to leave home for a care facility. I'm sure the sisters will have him settled well.

  3. Jeannette is very 'strong' to be able to hold up that tree..all in the name of blogging!! sorry to hear about her Dad..hope the transition goes well..enjoy your time alone to watch golf!..the snow is coming down here!!..well very wet snow anyway!!..

  4. What a great hiking trail - thanks for the pics. It's great to see the rainforest again.

    At least that guy ran into the ditch and not head on into another car! Good for you for stopping to help him!