Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Weather....following the windy day!

Boy oh boy did it ever blow yesterday.  That called for an indoor kind of day where we got caught up on reading and some chores.  When the wind abated in the late afternoon, we went for a long walk.  The temperature today - and for the coming days - is calling for mid to high 70's.  We'll take that!  And no winds!  We'll take that too.
There are blooms in the desert.
Hector an Diane left on Tuesday for Quartzite.
We were due for a grocery run so we headed for Lake Havasu.  We chose to take a walk in the London Bridge area.  That was the only spot where we could walk without being wind blown.
Even the water fountain was struggling with the high winds.
Kind of amazing that this bridge was moved from London, England to this area.
We walked around the area then chose a lunch spot near the water.  It was a good choice too!  Not only was the food good, we could escape the wind while enjoying the outdoors.

Very little activity on the Lake Havasu water front.
We chose to walk up the steps to the bridge deck but as soon as we accomplished that, we were nearly blown over onto the road.  Such incredible wind gusts.  That put a quick ending to the walk. We headed for the truck and off to complete our grocery run.
Back at our RV area, Jeanette caught this photo of a bird that could read signs.  It was going the right way.
We stopped here to check our email and access our blog.
Our view early this morning following yesterday's howling winds.
Inviting us to get the kayak back in the river.
I was on the telephone this morning to the motorcycle shop.  The electrical sensor that was ordered still had not arrived.  Yikes!  What's with that?  We were told that they had tracked the courier company and the part should arrive today.  We've been told this for the past three days too!
Hoping to roll into Quartzite on Friday.
With a planned motorcycle ride to Quartzite tomorrow, we're sure hoping the new part arrives today. 
We'll get the kayak out early this afternoon - for a bit of exercise and snooping around the river shore.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hope they get the bike part in time for Quartzsite. Enjoy the kayaking.

  2. We are new followers to your blog so maybe you do not know our rules, when you mention good food you have to tell us the place and maybe even what was good. Our blog entitled 'How to love where you are and eat where the locals rat's. One way we get ideas of where to eat is from other blogs.

  3. It's blowin' up a storm here in DHS this morning! Hope you got your bike part and the wind isn't too strong to ride over there.

    Love the pics of Lake Havasu - one of our favourite spots.

  4. great pics..hope the bike part comes on time...and I hope the wind dies down have a super weekend