Monday, January 23, 2012

New RV Spot & Frankie Valli....

Well, as expected, we moved our fiver from Pod 22 B, on the Colorado River, to Pod 16 A.  The previous spot was nice but this one is even nicer.  Check out the view from our picture window.  How nice is that!
Photo taken from our easy chairs in the living room of the fiver - looking out the big picture window.
It was a worthwhile move last Saturday morning before the big winds blew in.  From tear down, hookup, short drive to Pod 16 and set up, only took Jeanette and I two hours.  We've got a really good system going and it's working well.

The day before moving day - on the links at El Rio Golf & Country Club.
Hector and I - along with two other RVers - headed for the links for a fantastic day of golf.  The weather could not have been any better.
Too bad this was not recorded video because Hector hit a fantastic shot out of this sand bunker.
AC from Alabama is putting on a show during the regular Friday night fire in Pod 22.
AC - from Alabama - is one of those characters we all enjoy meeting in life.  He's been a fulltimer for 20 + years.  And what a character!  I enjoyed my chats, loaded with laughter, with him.  He has seen and done a lot of interesting things in life.  My favourite line (from his mouth) goes something like this, "If I have to explain it to you, it could take two hours.  If you watch me, it'l only take fiver minutes."  You have to imagine that great Alabama accent while reading this. He is comical, interesting, and sees life with a glass half full over a glass half empty.  Wonderful guy!
Here AC is performing for the RVers in Pod 22 with his fancy 'crappy guitar'.  Click on the photo for a close up view.
I shot this photo early on Saturday morning before readying for our move to Pod 16.
The weather has been beautiful.  Of course, there are the odd days when the wind blows but overall, it's been a treat to be here these past few weeks.
We are quite likely to be here for another couple weeks before heading further south toward Yuma, AZ.
Another view of our new spot on the Colorado River.
View of the sandstorm in Mojave, AZ during our drive to Laughlin, Nevada.
The photo above was taken in mid-afternoon while we were driving to Laughlin to attend a fantastic live performance given by the legendary Frankie Valli. The dirt and sand was blowing across the highway due to the recent field work done by the local farmers.
Along the river walk in Laughlin, Nev.
To the uninitiated, there are several casino hotels that dot the river walk on the west side of the Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada.
When we arrived in the Mojave desert a few weeks back, I noticed a large billboard advertising the legendary Frankie Valli's  one night only performance at the Edgewater Casino on Saturday, January 21, 2012.  The day after our arrival in our RV spot, we drove out to Laughlin and bought four tickets to the show.  They were selling so fast that had we waited any longer we would have lost out.

The billboard at the Edgewater Casino.
Most - if not all - blog readers will know who Frankie Valli is.  He and his fantastic 'Four Seasons' have been writing, recording and performing great music for the past 50 years.  Do you remember these number 1 hits?  "Big Girls Don' Cry" and 'Walk Like a Man"?  How about "Let's Hang on", "Working My Way Back to You", "Opus 17 (Don't You Worry About Me)", and his most famous "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"!  It's interesting to note that "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", released in 1967 went No. 2 on Billboard and No. 1 in Cashbox.  It has also become one of the Top Ten Most-Played songs in the history of BMI.  Stunning!!!!
Now in his 70's Frankie is not showing any signs of slowing down.
He recorded "My Eyes Adored You" to world acclaim in 1975 which also reached No. 1 on the charts.  Amazing career...and a humble performer who thanked the live audience for his life because people bought his music.

Suffice it to say that it was a highlight to have witnesses his live performance.  He sure got the audience on its feet.....and that was a difficult thing to do for many in the audience.
Albeit with a cool start to the day, it was a great day for a hike.
Yesterday (Sunday) was a perfect day to hike in the area.
Over time, the sun popped out and we shed the layers of clothing back to the norm of shorts and short sleeve shirts.
The desert is a plethora of beauty and diversity.
A bit of sand accumulation - the result of the really strong desert winds on Saturday afternoon.
Another view of our great site in Pod 16.
This guy came floating by casting for fish....on a really calm Sunday.  What a peaceful and serene activity!
We were sitting inside the RV catching up on the PGA golf tournament from La Quinta, CA on the TV when Hector and Diane came walking over from Pod 22.  We sat out and enjoyed the balance of the afternoon in the warm sun.  As soon as the sun hides away in the west, the cool air follows quickly.

Although he had not caught any fish, others we saw these past few days had success with some small mouth bass.
Final Sunday evening photo just as darkness fell on our view.
That sums up the rvvoyageurs these past few days.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Would love to have taken in the Frankie Valli show. I grew up listening to The Four Seasons on the radio. Still to this day, they are one of my favourite groups. My sister saw the Jersey Boys broadway show and said it was amazing, it's about them.

  2. Nice parking spot guys! That would have been a fantastic show to see Frankie we grew up to his music.


  3. you have yourselves a mighty fine spot along the river!..great view!!

  4. The new site sure looks nice, I like being close to the water also. Looked like the perfect afternoon to be outside. Glad your able to see Frankie Valli, someone I would like to see someday. You sure didn't have to go far for some good entertainment with AC being there. Makes you just love RVing on your winter holidays, people you meet, friends made, fun times, be hard to do all that staying at a hotel.

  5. Talk about a blast from the past - haven't heard Frankie Valli's name for quite a few years.

    Sure is a nice looking camping spot you've got there.

  6. That is one beautiful site. Such a tranquil spot.

    Mike and Dee