Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meeting Blogger Friend & Completing Renovation Project

Yesterday was an opportune time to get away from renovation stuff and enjoy some time visiting with RV friend, Allen from Allen & Lolita's RV Journey. We agreed to meet at a local Tim Horton's coffee shop in the White Rock/South Surrey area.
Allen - standing in front of his new Ford F-350.
After a good couple of hours sharing stories - along with some good TH coffee - it was time to press on with our day.  Allen and Lolita will soon be heading for Vancouver Island.  One month later, when they return to the mainland, we'll plan to get the four of us together for lunch or dinner.  Thanks for springing for the coffee Allen.

Back home from meeting Allen, I managed a few quick errands before changing up for our weekly men's golf round.  Tuesday's play was not the usual.  We always play on Wednesdays but the change was warranted this week because we were playing a brand new golf course.  It was a treat.

Preparing to paint the trim around the French door - on the sun room side.
I've been dedicating a few hours daily to completing the finishing work on the French door install project.  It's nearing completion.  After today I should be able to put the tools away and clean things up.
The finished look.
Once I get the taping done, the plan is to paint all the white trim.  That includes the new casing and baseboards inside the kitchen nook followed by all the window casing  and baseboard trim in the sun room.  It is intricate work that takes time......but, time I have plenty of today to complete the work.
Walls are finished and painted - with two coats.  Only require white paint for the trim.
The work awaits.....
So that is my 'Q' to end this blog and get going on the painting.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Beautiful finishing job on the doors. And it sure was a pleasure meeting up with you yesterday.

  2. Allen and Lolita sure seem to make their rounds through blogville! Will have to make it a point to run into them at some time in the future. Good job on the door!

  3. nice that you got to meet up with Allen!..
    no Lolita?..home with Lily?

  4. Great job on the new doors, a real professional looking job.

    We're hoping to hook-up with Allen and Lolita when they head over to the Island next week.

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