Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick Update From Alberta

This will be a short blog (relative to what I normally write) because I am leaving soon for day two of a motorcycle ride with my nephew, Brad.

So much has been happening but with no internet connection available at the farm and with so many activities happening, it has been nearly impossible to keep up with blogging, let alone trying to write one.

My sister's 65th surprise birthday party
Having had lunch with an older brother last Friday, he asked if Jeanette and I would be attending my sister Paulette's surprise birthday party.  I had no knowledge of a party and although my sister knew we would be in Alberta, her daughters had no idea we were in the area.  We chose to crash the party!

My nieces were surprised to see was my sister.  It was a fun evening of banter and laughter - with jokes flying every which way.
Jeanette's mom - with Jeanette - in her room at the Long Term Care facility.
We came to Alberta to visit with family - on both sides - and to attend another 65th birthday party. 

We left home last Wednesday with the motorcycle trailer in tow. After spending the night at our son's home in Edmonton, we left early on Thursday morning, east of Edmonton, and to the long term care facility that houses Jeanette's mom.  It's a wonderful facility with great staff.
My iPhone camera does not do justice to these photos but this golf course is a gem.
Our brother in law Bob was also celebrating a 65th birthday.  He was surprised when so many friends and family attended a surprise barbecue at his brother's home.  To keep him away from the party set up, his three brothers, an uncle and I went golfing.  The weather was great, the golf round was equally great and the party afterwards was great.

(We have so many photos but I do not have the camera with me on this motorcycle trip.  
Photos and more detail will be posted at a later date.)

Yesterday morning - unloading the motorcycle from the trailer.
My nephew Brad and I had planned a two day motorcycle ride through several Alberta roads.  He was championed to plan the ride.  We agreed to meet on a country road about 120 km east of Edmonton.  He was coming from the city of Edmonton and I from Jeanette's family farm. 
Brad arriving at our meeting place.
We headed for points north, east, west, north, east, west ....well, you get the jest of of it. Brad had planned a ride through several interesting places. 
We're taking a break in the town of Athabasca.
The Athabasca River in the BG.
Near 9:30 pm - after riding well over 500 km - we arrived at Brad and Jamie's home in Sherwood Park, Alberta - a suburb of Edmonton.   It was not long before we headed for some much desired sleep to refuel for the ride we will be doing this morning.
Another angle of the Athabasca River.
I'm not clear on our motorcycle tour today but I'll report on that later.  Once we break off from our ride, Brad will return home and I will head back to the farm.

Jeanette and I will attend to some much needed chores at the farm and to spending some quality time with her mom.

When the opportunity presents itself I will head into the town of Two Hills and the little library there that has WiFi.  I'll get the chance to catch up on blogs and to post more details with far better photos than those taken with my iPhone.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. enjoy your time on the motorcycle and with your family!