Monday, November 19, 2012

Active Life - Live long!

With not a lot of exciting news happening around RV Voyageur land these days, I thought I would share the following video. The 71 year old fella, who is featured, has more energy than the EverReady Bunny!

 Video of Never Leave the Playground at

We're moving forward with home based projects.  Albeit small ones, the projects have been waiting for rainy days to get done.  Those rainy days are here in full force.  The weather prognosticators are calling for a long stretch of grey skies and rain.  Hmmm, why we are not in the sunnier southwest US climes begs reconsideration.

I will be curious to read blogger comments with respect to the video.

Wishing you a productive week.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. He is truly amazing!! He made me tired just watching the video. It all makes sense though, his theory about your memory and such.

  2. Amazing--Michael's 90 year old Father says the same thing--to live long and stay healthy you have to keep your mind and body active--that guy is one active dude!

  3. Good video Rene...I think he is right!

  4. Mr Jepson is an inspiration to all of us who are aging quicker than we would like! Great video Rene, thanks for sharing it!

  5. Such an energetic and interesting fellow! I believe there is definitely something to that. I found my memory fading then I took a course to learn to ride the motorcycle. I found my memory and agility returned. We have to keep challenging our brains. Hope your rainy weather doesn't last too long.
    Judy from Rvlifeonwheels

  6. He's an interesting guy alright but he tired me out just watching him. Seems a bit hyper or something.

  7. Keeping your agility I think is so important no matter how you do it.