Sunday, November 4, 2012


Phew!  Will this house now cease and desist?  It has been a week that included two parties.  SAY WHAT? read right!  There were two parties at the RV Voyageur household this week.

PARTY NO. 1    Nurses Get Together for A Halloween Games Night!

'Twas time for the ghosts and goblins to come out of hiding.  Jeanette prepared the scene.
Every couple of months or so,Jeanette's nursing friends find a good reason to get together to share some banter, laughter, good food and games, games, games.

They arrived - dressed in costumes and then the fun began.
Following a couple of photos for the blog, I headed off to my loft office and my trusty computer.  The girls laughter started in earnest and when the food was ready, I headed back down for grub before returning to my abode - letting the costumed nurses banter and laugh.  They did a lot of that.
Hmmm, food! I come!
These girls do know how to have fun!
Nice Halloween costume!!!!
The Halloween afternoon, Easton appeared at our doorstep with his mom to be first in line with the tricks and treats!  He was well treated - let me tell you!
Easton spent some time outside, playing in the leaves.
Hmmm, what are those red things?

And a surprise it was. Daughter Ginette had wanted to coordinate a surprise party for her mom.  I was in for that!  We worked together to keep Jeanette in the dark (so to speak) while friends and family were secretly invited to attend the Saturday afternoon party at our home.
The surprise guests shout out cheers of Happy Birthday....and Jeanette is truly surprised.
Taking one step back, my early morning job was to get Jeanette out of the house to give Ginette, Trevor, Deni and Easton the time to set up the decorations, food stuff, libations and more.

I had to fib my way through several hours of Christmas shopping, brunch at a quaint little restaurant, more shopping and other errands I could conjure to keep us from being anywhere near our home.

At precisely 2:30 pm we drove into our driveway and Jeanette noticed over a dozen  vehicles in the driveway and the street in front of our home.  She then realized that something was up.  And that something was a delight.

Between 35 and 40 party folks were there to help celebrate.
Although Jeanette does not reach the official age of 60 till the end of the month, she'll be away in Alberta tending to some family business and checking up on her mom.  The timing  worked to our advantage in planning the surprise.
Our son Deni flew in from Edmonton, Alberta. 
Jeanette was clearly surprised by everyone who attended but a special gift was our son, Deni's surprise show.
Our little family - taken while Easton was having a rest.
With some great RV friends:  Me, Jeanette, Trena, Hector, Diane and Lucky.      Hector and Diane made the trip over from Nanaimo, BC - on Vancouver Island - while Trena and Lucky drove in from the Chilliwack countryside.
 Easton gets to meet Lucky and Hector.
With long time friends, Odette and Denis.
Easton helps his Nana to blow out the candles.
Yumm....that tastes pretty good!
Gwen, Jeanette, Ione and Mariette.
Another huge surprise was our long time friends who drove several hours from Peachland, in the Okanagan, to 'fête' along with us.  Garry and Aline were overnight guests too!  
Deni, with mom Jeanette, new mom in law, Barb, and her friend Doug.
My side of the family:  Carmen (in white in the forefront), her sister Diane, Jeanette, Auntie Kay, Elaine and Scott.  Jeanette considers Auntie Kay her west coast mom.  It was a thrill to have them all drive out to south Langley country from the Port Moody/Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam area of Greater Vancouver.
The nursing gang was along for the fun too.....and for most of them, that was two parties on one week!  L-R (Back Row) Loraine, Brenda, Susan (Front Row) Marg, Jeanette and Cynthia.
Lots of fun, food and libation carried us through Saturday afternoon before most folks headed back for home.
Opening gifts......

....and reading cards!  Ah, a good bottle of wine for a future dinner?
Oh what fun this day was.  Everyone had a great time.  Jeanette's surprise was just that,....a Huge Surprise!  A special thanks to Ginette for spearheading the event.

What a year for parties!  It seems the parties are over for the time being - at least till Christmas kicks in.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. You know Rene, when you write a blog I can feel the love and excitement you guys have for family and friends. What a fun surprise!

  2. Party On! quite the parties at your house! and Happy Early Birthday to Jeannette!!

  3. Wow! two great looking parties. Sure looked like a nice gathering for Jeanette's birthday, a big one she will surely remember for many years to come. Give here our best wishes. Nice pic's of Easton also. Have a Great Week!

  4. Great to see the 'party animals' are back and having fun.

    An early Happy Birthday to Jeanette - she looks way too young to be 60! Are you sure it's not a birthday 59?

    Wonderful photo of Easton sitting in the leaves in your backyard!

  5. Simply a bunch of party animals for sure!

  6. OH I wish I could have attended that party. I looked like a lot of fun. She certainly looked surprised. Love it.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown