Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kind of Quiet Around here....

Although it's quiet around here, I have been keeping busy helping our son in law, Trevor, with a couple of projects.  One of those projects is the renovation of one room in their home.  He is converting it to an exercise studio of sorts.
Trevor gutted what he felt needed to removed
After he completed the wiring clean up - once the suspended ceiling was removed - I came along to assist with re-insulating the ceiling and installing new ceiling panels.  The result is a ceiling that is about 1 foot higher than the original suspended one.
'Safe and Sound' insulation is ideal for sound and fireproofing
Once the ceiling was ready, we proceeded to cut and install  the new ceiling material.  This renovation will add a multifunctional room to their home.
New ceiling panels installed.
The weather of late mainly produces cloudy days with plenty of moisture.  The forest fire threats are long forgotten.

Easton came for a visit yesterday. He tried out his 'new to him bed' that friends of ours kindly lent us.  Whenever Easton wants to drop by and needs a rest or is here for a sleepover, he's got the right place to accomplish that. 
Other than catching up on some CFL (Canadian Football League) final regular season games, it's been a pretty quiet time around here.
Although the photo doesn't do it justice, it was raining 'cats and dogs' when taken this morning.

Because I have been busy with assisting Trevor on some of his work projects, I missed out on reading blogs these past few days.  When I caught up this morning though,  I learned that several snow birders have left the northern hemisphere for the sunnier climes of the southern US.   Although not in our plans this year, I think next year will see us leave earlier - like in late October or early November.  We would fly back home for Christmas though....likely for a couple of weeks....before returning to the US southwest.

When the weather turns grey and wet - here on the west coast - the outdoor activities seem to get dampened too. This is the time I catch up on my reading. There are several books waiting to be read.

I also need to complete some minor - fine tuning - projects on the 5th wheel.  The generator also needs an oil change!  I'm sure I will find the time to get that done.  I am also researching the drive strategy for heading south come December 30th. Musings....musings....musings!

Well, that sums up this short report.  

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I think you are another Contractor in the makings! Good to keep busy!

  2. nice report!..glad you are keeping busy even though we are feeling a tad 'waterlogged'!

  3. Nice job on the reno! Extra rooms always come in handy.

    Kind of quiet? That's good news as that earthquake seems to have missed us altogether! Just think if a 7.7 had hit Vancouver or Victoria!

  4. I'm one of the early snowbirds this year. Been here about a week or so already. Still very HOT during the days but cools down very nicely overnight.

  5. Looks like it will be a nice room to have. Sure wish I had your construction skills. Easton looks like he has it made for Grandma and Grandpa visits. Hard to believe you are less then two months out now til your winter travels start. Finally cooling off here and getting down to the high 70's, refreshing after the last two weeks of 90+.