Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Musical...A Ride....A Party!

The title for this blog sums up the past few days.  Friday night, we attended a musical as part of the season's tickets we have with the Arts Club Theatre Company.  The club present professional theatre but this one (brochure above) failed to impress me, Jeanette or our friends.  It is  a takeoff from actual ads found on Craigslist.  There were a few funny spots but, by  and large, it failed to keep me interested. That is only the second play - in the past ten years or so - that failed to impress.  This company is usually top class with its theatre presentations.

New shower door glass replaced and returned
Prior to leaving home, for the Surrey Arts Centre, the 'Glass Doctor' company van appeared in our driveway with our re-glassed shower door.  The technician had called earlier to say he would be at our home by 4:30 pm.  It fit like a glove and looks identical to the previous glass that - as readers will recall from a previous blog - had shattered and spilled its bits all over the shower stall and the bathroom floor.

A view from a back road leading us to Harrison Hot Springs.
Although the skies looked threatening, the magnet to take a country ride was overpowering.  Jeanette was up for the challenge of avoiding off we rode.
The Harrison River at Harrison Mills.
We skirted all rain spouts along the way but we could see the heavy clouds trailing us.  Just east of Harrison Mills, the rain began.  We were only a few kilometres from Harrison Hot Springs when we chose to turn around and head in another direction.  This was a rain avoidance scheme that failed miserably.
Log booms in the channel.  We eventually headed right into those mean looking rain clouds.
We hit rain and sleet!  The sleet was pounding hard on my face.  It stings but is not dangerous.  My eyes are protected and the windshield does deflect a lot of the punishment.  Jeanette has a pop down face shield which protects her well. 
Taking a break before riding into more storm clouds. If you click on the photo above, you can see Jeanette's heat connection wires under her motorcycle jacket , at her waistline. Once plugged in, the heat is oh, so nice!
When we stopped for fuel, the attendant there was expressing concern for our ride considering the temperature had dropped and it was raining steady.  When I explained that our riding clothes are heated, she was less sympathetic.  LOL.  We keep nice and toasty with heated vests, heated grips, thermal pants and,.... we never get wet.  That is how good the riding gear is today. 
Most interesting farm silo.
We chose to take a little side road which brought us to this historic pub.  The Dewdney Pub has been here for a long, long time.      Historic Dewdney Pub
Not ever having stopped by here before, we opted to try out the lunch menu.  Jeanette opted for a mid-day breakfast and I settled for lunch fare.  It did not disappoint.  The food is great and most reasonably priced too! We'll ride back here again!
The tributary across from the pub.
We saw a few hardy fishers, with the lines in the water, trolling for salmon. Everyone was dressed for the constant rain showers.
Entrance to the pub - made famous for its blues entertainment.

Nicely maintained pub and restaurant.  Check out the old cigarette sign.  Do you remember those days?
A typical old barn - one of many that dot the Fraser Valley.
Four hours later, we were back home - warm and dry!  I do have to put the bike on the lift and shine it up again.  I never ever mind doing that!

Last night saw Jeanette and I head out in two separate vehicles, in two different directions, to attend two different parties.  She was off to a nurses reunion of sorts, at a colleague's home, and I headed off to attend our son in law's mom's 60th birthday celebration.
Nurses reunion  party!  These girls all worked on the 2nd floor surgical unit at Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock, BC.
Jeanette had long ago committed to attending the nurses gig - which is a bundle of laughs - so at the last minute, I represented us at the birthday party.  Sandi and Bob had returned earlier that day from a three week holiday in Europe.  The surprise party for Sandi was just that - a huge surprise!  Jeanette and I got home within 15 minutes from each other.

Easton and his dad at the family cottage last weekend.  Cute outfit. Ready for a hike!
Yesterday - for the first time - Easton pushed himself up on all fours.  He'll be crawling soon.....!

I'm off to help Trevor,Ginette and Easton with a home improvement project today.  Best get off this blog post and get to it.  That's our story for now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. nice that the two of you got out on the motorcycle!..have to make the most of the days even when the weather looks not too promising!!..
    Easton is getting to be a big boy!!!

  2. yeah a bike day....not many of those left ...Easton is getting to be quite the little man what a cutie

  3. You and Jeanette sure keep yourselves busy with all kinds of events and projects.

    Too bad about the rain on your bike tour but it still looked like fun.

    Great pics of Easton!

  4. Glad to see you got the opportunity to get another bike ride in. Your riding gear sure sounds nice for your late season rides. What city is the pub located in? looked like a nice place to stop. The glass shop did a good job on the shower door and were timely. Nice pic's of Easton. Sure has been a great year for those surprise parties.

  5. Allen,

    The Dewdney Pub is located just off Highway 7, in between Mission to the west and Harrison Mills to the east. Great spot. Great country for you and Lolita to drive out to. Harrison Hot Springs is a great destination too.

    Are you all settled in Southern California?

  6. I have always said "riding in the rain is still fun...just not as much fun"

  7. Riding in the rain? Could not agree more John.

  8. Riding in the rain is my past time when it comes to something involving nature :)

    -Solomon Berkovitch
    Storefront Glass Installation Brooklyn