Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walking on Leaves....& Some Magic Too!

Following a weekend rain fest, Monday's skies afforded us some sunny breaks.  What to do?  Well, take a hike!  Why Not!

We drove to a nearby hiking spot.  It offers hills, deep woods, open meadows and several wooden walking bridges that afford us the opportunity to see fish spawning too.
Check out those maple leaves
Jeanette' favourite time of the year is the fall.  I much prefer summer although I'm OK with fall because I know it's just a matter of time before we can hitch up and go in search of dry, sunny and warmer climes.
This trail is well groomed and maintained.
The colours are stunning.
When walking a trail like this - in the rain forest - it's amazing to witness renewal of vegetation.  It grows anywhere and everywhere.  Take the photo below, for example!  The ferns seeded themselves on the trunk of a live, moss covered, tree.

I'm looking for spawning fish but the fast running water didn't present any on this hike.
Jeanette and I have both witnessed a flurry of excited fish creating havoc in the stream below but maybe their time has passed and they are further up stream.  Just listening to the fast flowing stream is sufficient.
A quiet pool.
We had a really good hike before returning the the parking area where the small leaf maples showed their colours.  Stunning, really!
No picnickers here today.
It won't be long now and the deciduous trees will shed all of their leaves.

Back home, Jeanette continues to press on with her sewing projects. 
A touch of Magic!
Do you see how I can magically put my had through the shower glass doors?
This is no small feat!  How can I do this?  It is magic...pure and simple...or, then again, maybe not so magical!

Well, all one has to do is wait for a small 'bang', check the entire house to see where it came from, give up after not finding the source and return to my computer.

Some time later, I hear Jeanette calling me back to the main floor and into our master bedroom.  At about 10:30 am - and all on its very own - our glass shower door exploded.  This is safety glass - similar to automobile glass - and it shattered. Most of the glass  stayed together, other than a large piece that crashed onto the shower stall floor.  Why it happened?  Who knows!!!!
I was the last one to use the shower at 6:45 am that morning.  The result is not so magical!
I quickly got a tarp down, knowing full well that once the door opened, shards of glass bits would come crashing down.  That's exactly what happened. After getting the Shop Vac from the garage to vacuum the mess, it was time to work on getting the door fixed.

So, I sourced our insurance policy, filed a claim and then began the process of finding a glass shop to undertake the work of replacing the glass. This morning, the insurance company authorized the repair - at not cost to us, and with no deductions either - and I made arrangements for the glass repair facility to drop by our home to remove the glass door frame, install a new glass at their place of business and return it to us when it is ready for re-install on the shower frame.  

 Weird things do happen sometimes!

 Other than watching the Presidential Debate last evening, things are pretty well routine.

The sun is out and the motorcycle magnet is drawing me to put on the heated clothing, turn on the heated throttle grips, plug ourselves into the electrical heating system and head out for a gingerly ride in the back country roads we so cherish in this area.  Just might happen!

Wishing you a nice day.

Thanks for dropping by


  1. very interesting about the shower door?..just be thankful that no one was inside when it happened..

  2. Beautiful hike, and pictures. Sure a mystery with the door, glad your insurance covered it and 0 deductions to pay even better. Hope you get that motorcycle ride in. We are at Rolling Hills tonight running the air. Just a little to hot yet for my liking.

  3. When you file an insurance claim do your insurance rates automatically increase for the next year?

  4. Weird about the shower door but glad it's going to be a no-cost fix.

    Sure was a nice trail you picked for a hike. The tree colours are pretty stunning right now - great pics!