Monday, October 15, 2012

Quiet Indoor Weekend .....

It was the first wet weather in months that kept us indoors this weekend.  It rained heavily on Friday evening, all day Saturday and most of Sunday.  Heavy winds accompanied the Sunday rains.  It was anticipated and moisture was most welcomed.    Our area has been without any significant moisture these past three months.
Our rain gauge this morning  - proving that we have had some heavy rainfall - 2" of moisture
So, what to do when we are accustomed to outdoor activities?  Well, adopt other activities such as extensive blogging about US Health Care issues on Jana's blog   Tin TeePee/Log Cabin  .....indulge in reading, movies, watching the Golf Channel and working on hobbies that have not been touched in a long time.
Roadhouse Restaurant - South Surrey/White Rock

Friday lunchtime was reserved to meet with a good friend and work colleague I had not seen since visiting him in hospital about six months ago.  He is doing well and we enjoyed a good two hour chin wag while enjoying some really good food.
Our plants and trees are reaping the benefit of high moisture
Jeanette got busy with sewing and spent a good part of the weekend in her hobby room completing quilts and sewing bibs for Easton.
She brings her work into the kitchen when she's multitasking with dinner preparations
In her comfy crafts room
New bibs for Easton and friends
 We planned on watching two recent movies and the first was screened on Saturday evening. The other was reserved for mid-afternoon on Sunday. Most enjoyable!

Sure wish I could have been out on the links but......
....The Golf Channel served as a good distraction!
While working on updating our music library - on iPod and computer - I was screening the golf, on and off, for the better part of several hours on Saturday and Sunday.  I was also occasionally dropping in on Jana's blog  Tin TeePee/Log Cabin  to see if any bright ideas might emerge from the US health care discussion.

Because I did have the time - and being curious by nature - I sourced the 'Obamacare"  Obamacare Facts  and read all I could to better understand why so many bloggers were against what I had believed was a pretty good start to integrating a national universal health care program, for all US citizens.  It will be interesting to witness what, if anything, changes to improve the coverage Americans so well deserve.  I am not optimistic that anything positive can be achieved on that file because of so much disinformation confusing voters.  Jana's blog pretty well served as a tiny sample of the disinformation I speak of.  Too bad!

Editing our music library....of well over 2,000 cuts

Nice back yard fall colours
This pretty well sums up the past few days.  It was a very relaxed and enjoyable indoor weekend.  A few of those, on occasion, are fine by us....but....we prefer the outdoor opportunities more. 

A break in the weather today will find us taking a hike on one of our nearby trails.  With a few errands to run, the day will roll by....and, that means one day closer to gearing up for Christmas and eventually packing and rolling the fiver southbound.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Wow, beautiful colors in your backyard. Love it.

  2. Rene, you did a terrific job of bringing some facts and reason to the debate over on Janna's blog. It was an interesting way to spend a rainy weekend.

    I'm glad you chimed in because I tend to get a little frustrated with some of the comments and it shows, I guess.

    Glad to see Jeanette is keeping busy being a good Grandma by sewing up bibs and stuff for Easton.

    Your yard is looking just great.

  3. Thanks Rick. I tried to bring reason - to echo your points - but we both failed to bring reason to the unreasonable. It still surprises me how few people really try to learn the truth. It is out there to learn! But, many readers were on side with us.

    In the end, it has no impact on those of us who live in Canada. The discussion made me even more grateful to live north of the 49th.....and equally grateful to have the opportunity to travel in the US.


  4. Looks like you made the best of the rainy days. We left White Rock this morning and are at Midway RV in Centralia WA. Heading to 7 Feathers tomorrow. Missed seeing you again, hopefully we can catch up to you for a visit in the southwest this winter. Catching up with the healthcare postings. Got to check out BC Med first hand as I was in Peace Arch Hospital. Received great care, and it did not even meet my US deductible will blog about it in the next couple of days. Take care and it was great getting together over the summer.

  5. Glad I could provide some rainy day entertainment for you and thank you so much for your voice of reason.

    It continues to amaze me the number of people who use Fox News and CNN as their absolute gospel for facts.

    Was at a quilt show Sunday after "THE" blog and mentioned to my friend Jeane about the "panels" everyone persists in believing. Jeane's comment, "well that's in the law, it really is Janna." I just shook my head a shut-up.

    Thanks again Rene.

  6. I think you all should shut up. You are the ones that do not know what you're talking about. And it is a waste of time talking to you.
    And some people complains about everything & you know who I mean.

  7. Thought I should apologize. That was a little rough. But its too one-sided. You really don't have the whole picture.

  8. nice way to spend a rainy weekend that is for sure..Jeannette is doing a great job on her 'craft projects'!!
    I see you have been visited by 'anonymous'! lucky you!

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