Thursday, October 4, 2012

Great Fall Weather Calls For Getting Out

Entering Fort Langley, BC
The fantastic fall weather continues to lure us outdoors.  We take full advantage of that!
A great outdoor/indoor restaurant that we've patronized a few times.
Beatniks Restaurant, in the Fort, never disappoints.  We've been there a few times for breakfast and, most recently, for dinner.  This is a nice little gem.  Although the temperatures were dropping on Sunday evening, it was still pleasant enough to sit outdoors.
While Jeanette enjoys a mint tea, she is texting her sisters in Alberta, before her meal arrives.
Easton is fairly new to ingesting a more solid breakfast of pablum.
Easton was over with his mom on Monday.  Jeanette took care of the little fella while his mom was resting from what her doctor has diagnosed as a case of bronchitis. 
Great motorcycle roads in the Pacific Northwest - Washington State.
Yesterday was ideal to cross the 49th parallel and head into Washington State.  The roads we ride in the area are underutilized during working hours.  We take advantage of that to enjoy the topography.  Great weather adds to the enjoyment.
Chuckanut Drive
From south Bellingham, WA, is a well known motorcycle ride called the Chuckanut Drive.  It skirts the Pacific Ocean. It's a scenic road that requires the rider to keep the speed down to enjoy the fantastic views along the way. That we did!
The trees nearly complete a full canopy.
Sheer rock walls on the left side - ocean-side on the right.
Ocean side.
We found a Bob's Burger and Brew restaurant near Burlington, WA.  This is one of 12 that operate in the state.  It never disappoints.  Jeanette enjoyed a seafood wrap and I chose a chicken wrap.  

Once our tummies were fueled - and the motorcycle too - we rode east in search of Highway 9.  That's a route that skirts the base of the mountains that include Mount Baker.  It never disappoints.
One view along Highway 9.
After six hours of riding, stopping to view the sites, and the required rest breaks, we returned home.
That sums up the past couple of days.  The weather girl forecasts a continuation of this fine, fall weather so we plan to take full advantage of that.  Do I hear GOLF, CFL Football, and more GOLF?  It's all possible!  More on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.


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  2. there is always the Cranberry Festival in Fort Langley on Saturday!..but it sounds like you will be busy with golf and more golf and football!

  3. Sure looked like a beautiful ride you and Jeanette too - very nice pics!

    Won't be long now before Easton's ready for his first Kid's Meal at Mickey D's!

  4. Wow...fantastic ride, with great weather to boot!