Monday, October 8, 2012

A Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Truly in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Halloween
Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day in the USA.  We're preparing to celebrate the day with a turkey dinner.

It has been a fun, long weekend of activities.  That is, in large part, due to some terrific fall weather that leads us to enjoy our favourite outdoor activities.

Friday morning started off with us dressed in layers.  By 10:00 am, the layers were off and we were sweating under the hot sun. Yes, we were on a golf course.  The Peace Portal Golf Course, that skirts the US border (on the Canadian side), is one of the oldest golf courses in British Columbia.

 Peace Portal Golf Course - South Surrey Golf Course / White Rock Golf Course, British Columbia
Early Friday morning golf round.....and I mean early.  Our Tee Off was at 7:38 am. 
Rick and Denis are focused on making solid putts.
Ron is working on a short chip shot.
Terry Fox Plaza at BC Place Stadium - Vancouver, BC
Saturday evening had good friend Rick and I attend the 1st place BC Lions CFL Football game against the 2nd place Calgary Stampeders.  Rick's daughter, Emma, and her friend came along too.  They were colourful in their BC Lions jerseys....and fitting colours they are for the Halloween season too!
They are true Lions fans!
The 1st place Lions - in spite of resting their two best receivers due to injuries -changed their long game play and managed to win the game with a short game strategy.  It was effective.  As a result, the Lions have a commanding 4 point lead in the CFL (Canadian Football League).
Inside BC Place Stadium - with the roof open!
Another beautiful setting on Sunday morning.
I caught this photo with my iPhone while on my way to the golf course on Sunday morning.
SNAKE GOLF Captain Phil - The tournament champion
SNAKE Golf Tournament Players
Sunday morning had us back on the golf links to play our season closing SNAKE GOLF tournament.  Four groups headed to the most recently opened Pagoda Ridge Golf Course in Langley to compete for the coveted SNAKE Golf trophy.  Our fearless Captain, Phil, took the honours.
                                                Pagoda Ridge Golf Course
The golf course owner (a Caucasian businessman) developed this stunning golf course to include the Great Wall of China.  It is quite something to see,to walk on and to challenge our golf skills. 

Only months ago, this river was raging and spilling its banks.  

We saw only one boat with lines out and that could only mean one thing!  Only our First Nations Canadians (native Indians) are allowed to fish the river 24/7.
Back home, after the tournament, Jeanette and I headed off for a three hour motorcycle ride that had us take a different route. It lead to a nice park along the Fraser River in the Abbotsford area.  Two other motorcyclists were.  We took a casual walk along the rivers edge. 

Our coffee place.
After a 30 minute stop for a coffee (me) and tea (Jeanette), we rode back home as the sun was setting.

Today is our Thanksgiving dinner.  Jeanette has been busy with preparing the turkey for the oven. She's also been multitasking with food preparation while talking with her mom - by phone - who resides in the Province of Alberta.
 Easton and his mom and dad will join us for dinner today.
 We hope yours is/was a great Thanksgiving. 

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving...looks like you had a great day!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Rene and Jeanette - hope you really enjoyed your Turkey Dinner today.

    That's a great picture of little Easton and Ginette - what a smile.

    The rest of your blog is a blur of activity - wore me out just reading it.

    That Great Wall of China looks like something I could bounce one of my wayward shots off of and hope it bounces up to the green!

  4. Wow...what a great weekend you have had! Happy Thanksgiving!