Friday, August 23, 2013

Back From The 2015 US Open Golf Course

Playing the US Open Golf Course (set for early August, 2015) before the PGA tour players do was quite the thrill.  And what a golf course!

Stunning Chambers Bay in the background
The golf course is called Chambers Bay.   Chambers Bay Golf Course |
We left very early last Tuesday morning, crossed into Washington State and headed south and west from Tacoma (off of I-5) to the coastal bay called - fittingly enough - Chambers Bay.  The golf course is built on the site of a former rock quarry.
This is one tough, tough golf course.  It will test anyone's golfing skills and physical stamina.
We arrived early enough to enjoy a hearty breakfast before our 11:57 am Tee off.
Our foursome:  L-R  Me, Rick, Fred and Denis
We have been golfing together for 25+ years.  This outing was planned well in advance and to actually play a PGA rated, US Open, championship course was the big draw.  Rick's diligent work to book the courses and accommodations worked out really well.  He managed to qualitfy us for a deep discount @ Chambers Bay.
Fred and I posing before our Tee shots to this ocean side Par 3.  It is completely surrounded by bunkers. Hit too long and you're swimming to find your golf ball!
The weather was great....the course was in great shape....the views were stunning....and the play was challenging.  But we soldiered on! 
Denis readies for his Tee shot.
This course is 'walking' only.  No powered golf carts (electric or gas) are allowed.  It is a really tough walk for players who are not conditioned to steep inclines and tough downhills.  One on course marshal stated that a few golfers had perished while playing the course since it officially opened in 2007.

The rough is nearly impossible to hit out of.  We were forewarned that trying to hit out of this rough would cost us some unwanted strokes.....and it does.
Check out the fairway bunkers.  They are always in play.  Good course management is critical.
Although it was a hot, hot day out there, the slight ocean breeze was welcomed.  Keeping ourselves well hydrated with water was important too.
Chipping up to the green...with the only tree seen on the course.
Rick on his downswing drive.
It took us the better part of 4.5 hours to complete the round.  That is typical of most rounds.  The on course marshals keep the pace of play up to standard.  We were never held up or made to wait long on any Tee box.  That is the mark of a well managed golf course.
Each golf hole is identified by crafty names. There is only one tree on the golf course......only one!  If one seeks shade, one needs to have an umbrella along.
Tulalip Casino, Marysville, WA.      Tulalip Resort Casino 
If any of you golf nuts out there in blog land wish to play a true PGA rated golf course, this one is for you.  I highly recommend it.

Our round over with, we drove away from the sea shore and back north, past Seattle, to our overnight destination in Marysville, WA.  We had dinner at a first rate seafood restaurant in the Tulalip Casino before calling it a day.  By 10:30 pm - and after a 19+ hour day - we were out for the night.
Kayak Point Golf equally tough walk with steep hills and valleys!
With time on our hands the next morning, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast and did a bit of local touring before heading for the golf course at Kayak Point. 
Plenty of trouble available on this course too!

After our second round of the trip, we made our way back north toward the Canadian border.  It was near dinner time when we opted to stop into one of the many Bob's Burger and Brew establishments for a well earned meal.

With our hunger tamed, we rolled back in to Canada by 9:30 pm. 

What a fun a fun golf trip. We feel we will have bragging rights when we watch the 2015 US Open on television and realize we may have birdied a hole that the pros could not do.  Imagine that!  ......In our our dreams.....!

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  1. "One on course marshal stated that a few golfers had perished while playing the course since it officially opened in 2007."
    This isn't funny of course, but I did laugh when I read it... hopefully it's not part of their marketing material :)

  2. Looks like a waste of great pasture land!! In another life I may have enjoyed that course and surely would have got my moneys worth on a per stroke basis.

  3. Looks like an awesome game on an awesome course!

    Players actually "Perished" ?????

  4. We're glad you survived! Looks like a great spot.

  5. What an awesome looking golf course. Can't wait to see how the PGA pros make out on it in 2015.

    Pretty good looking burger too!

  6. I haven't played golf in forever but even I could tell that is one challenging course! Sounds as if you guys had a great time!