Monday, August 19, 2013

Seven Days of Stuff

Since our return home from Alberta - all of seven days back - our time has scooted by quickly.
Easton came over to help me remove the Harley from the enclosed travel trailer.
Easton and Ginette dropped by a few times during the week and knowing his like for anything with a motor, I waited for his first visit before removing the motorcycle from the trailer and into the garage.  He absolutely loved that.  
Lending his hand to remove the tie down strap.
Emulating the motorcycle sound is the cutest thing imaginable. Once the motorcycle was started though, those eyes of his exuded complete excitement.
He loves to sit on the bike....and we go through that routine every time he visits.  He takes me to garage and wants to sit on the ride.
With all of the work we did while at Jeanette's parents' farm and assisting our son, Deni, with some of his basement renovation,  I managed to avoid any injury.  However, while loading the truck for our return back for home, I pulled a muscle in my extreme lower right back.  Yikes!  That hurt!
Calling in the professional....
With no sign of pain relief, I called a Kinesiologist (daughter Ginette) for an emergency visit.  With a golf round this past Friday - and a foursome golf outing into Washington State this week - that troublesome back pain had to be eradicated. I could not swing a club without wincing in pain!  NOT GOOD!!!!
Ginette did a complete muscle, ligament and disc analysis and discovered the source of my pain.
It took little time before Ginette had found and identified the problem muscle.  She called it the 'Angry Muscle'.  In medical terms, this muscle is very painful when stretched out.  It requires some anti-inflammatory therapy and a weird sort of contorted exercise to mend.  I had suffered with back pain for a few days but following her directive, the pain was mostly gone within a couple of days and I was once again able to tie my shoes and swing a golf club.  Yeah to that!!!

I did play golf last Friday and was able to have a full swing. Although there is still a bit of dull pain, my mobility has returned to near 100%.  I continue to follow the exercise regime and I have to say that I am impressed with the quick result.  How nice to have a Kinesiologist in the family.
Easton discovered some popcorn - that was made by his great grandmother (Jeanette's mom)  - and he quite enjoyed eating some of it.
Ginette and Trevor bought a new (to them) sport utility vehicle to replace their second vehicle (a VW Jetta).  Ginette came over to our home to vacuum and detail the car to ready it for a private sale.  Coming to our place assured her the time to get the job done while we kept Easton busy.
He loves to drive.....!
All spruced up and shiny, Trevor will list the car in the local 'online' auto ad sites.
Easton was eager to help his Nana water some flowers....but.....he found it to be more fun to simply water the retaining wall blocks....!
Filling the watering can....
Wet blocks look nice.......
When Ginette and Trevor returned, mid-week, with their new sport utility vehicle, Easton had to give it his own personal test drive.
His little motor was going....."brrrm, brrrmmm, bbbrrrrmmmmm....."
Easton likes the new wheels....and Ginette certainly appreciates the extra room for baby stuff (stroller, necessary bags, etc.).
This Hundai Tucson is a nice find for the family. 
Easton is telling me a story.....and he's quite excited about it.  Fun little fella he is!
 While I was at golf, early Friday morning, Jeanette met Mariette for a hike in Fort Langley.  She captured a few photos along the way.
Along the Fraser River

They did manage to find a nice lunch place in the Fort.....and, after they said their good byes, Jeanette headed off to look after Easton while Trevor and Ginette headed off for a couple of hours on Friday evening.
By 1:30 Friday afternoon, our golf group attended the memorial for our good friend who passed away this past August 6th.  Don was a long time member of our SNAKES Golf Group these past 20+ years. 
Don with the coveted SNAKE GOLF Trophy he won- a few years back
The memorial was well attended with many former RCMP members (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), the RCMP Honour Guard, relatives and friends.  Cancer, sadly, took his life at the the young age of 65. 
The retractable roof at BC Place Stadium was open for the CFL (Canadian Football League) Saturday evening game.
My friend Rick offered up some tickets to attend the football game on Saturday evening.  Our BC Lions were meeting the Calgary Stampeders  football club in what was a nail biter win.  Our Lions were great at the start, and scored within the first two minutes, but they also nodded off a few times and put a win in jeopardy.
The Lions Cheerleaders......before the start of the game.
It was a beautiful night to attend the game.  The dominating Stampeders were tamed by our Lions and both teams now sit at 5 wins and 2 losses.  The final score was 26 for the Lions and 22 for the Stamps.
There was an active crowd of cheering fans.....
Today is a prep day.  Our foursome leave early tomorrow morning for a two day golf outing in northwestern Washington State.  We've been planning this little golf trip for a few weeks now and we're particularly thrilled to play the Chambers Bay Golf course - site of the future 2015 US Open - and Kayak Point, another course we want to challenge.

And that is how we spent the past seven days..........Hey....and I am more or less pain free now!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. It must be handy having a kinesiologist in the family. I think Sylvia would like that. Easton is sure a cute kid.

  2. Enjoy your golf outing, glad your back pain is better!

  3. great recap of your week! Easton sure brings joy to your blog! darn cute he is!
    hope your back is feeling better and you enjoy your golf vacation!

  4. Great to get back and see that grandson, and as an added bonus having a daughter who can remove that lower back pain. Compensation maybe for the extreme lower back pain the kids may have caused growing up. LOL

  5. Not much can put you down quicker than severe back pain, nice that you got everything worked out. I have had my share as well, not fun.

  6. Easton sure is a busy little guy and seems to love anything that moves!

    You're lucky to have a Kinesiologist in the family. It's a good thing Ginette was able to get you mobile before your big golf outing.

    A future US Open course - that should be an exciting challenge. Hope they don't let the rough grow to Open standards for your round!

  7. Good to see Easton so active... Get your back straight! It means everything!