Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's Heating Up....Finally!

That's right!  The temperature is rising, the sun is out, the wind is down and the sky is blue.  So....that's something to write about; following so many endless days of cool, cloudy and windy weather here in Yuma country.

Monday afternoon was a planned visit at Bernie (brother) and Rita's (SIL) winter home, here in Yuma.  When we arrived, they had visitors over and we were so caught up in chat and laughter that we forgot to to take photos.  After dinner, and more visiting, we took this photo of their decorated home before we left for our RV park.
Very festive....
If I ever get bored, or find myself with nothing to do (which doesn't really happen), I just have to park myself by the motorcycle swivel wheel and I will have no shortage of guys dropping by to chat.  It happens every time.  What should take only about 10 minutes to remove tie downs and roll the motorcycle down ends up taking an hour or so due to the curious who talk me up.  That was the case yesterday.  I have had several swivel wheel chats in the past two + days. 
I'm sure I have sold several of these swivel wheels.  I should seek a commission from the designer/manufacturer in Texas.  Hmmmm.....I may have to chat them up!
When I did get the motorcycle off the deck, we geared up for an afternoon ride; in and around Yuma, including old downtown. We also checked out a few golf courses.  The courses were not busy.  It was gusting winds with cool temps that kept people away from the links.
When completing our set up on Monday morning - in gusting winds - the wind caught this garage door and slammed it back, breaking the plastic door holder.  I picked up a new one at a local RV shop and replaced it.
We rolled in and out of a few RV parks and most were less than 50% occupied.  That will change come January.  We're told that the bulk of snowbirds head out following Christmas.
A catchment pond at one golf course....
Downtown Yuma was partially closed off while weekend market hucksters were clearing the streets.  They were packing their wares before the streets could re-open.  It was otherwise quiet in the downtown area.
We were pleased to roll on new pavement on Avenue 4.  That very long stretch of highway, along the major shopping district, was rough pavement.  Newly paved, it is a treat to ride on.  It also makes the shopping and downtown district look and feel better.
The Country Roads Resort that my brother and sister in law reside in.  It is 5 star!
By late afternoon - back at our RV spot - I caught the photo (below) just as the late afternoon sun lit up the mountains to the east.  Nice colours.  That is our view from most of our windows.

Shortly after the sun set, we put some burgers on the 'barby' and closed off the night with a bit of reading and some TV watching.  Of interest was catching up on the South African world event that included so many statesmen and stateswomen who attended the Nelson Mandela memorial event.  We did get to see and hear Obama's speech.  He was clearly the crowd favourite and his speech was top class!
Son in law, Trevor - Mother in Law, Mary - Grandson, Easton and our daughter, Ginette.
Before flying back home to Langley, BC, Ginette, Trevor and Easton drove the 90 minutes east from Edmonton, Alberta, to visit with Jeanette's mom, Mary.  It was a wonderful visit.  Mary got to spend some time with her great grandchild.  We received texted photos during their visit.  Nice!

It was great to wake up to mid- 40's weather, early this morning.  With no wind and expected temperature increases, it is shaping up to be a very nice day.  We're up for that!  We are hosting dinner for my brother and his wife at our site today.  And we look forward to that.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Yes, it is finally getting a little warmer. We are continuing east today but are not sure how far we will get.

  2. Alright! Yes, we're due some short weather.

  3. Glad things are warming up for you guys. I am off to Pennsylvania next week, not looking forward to the weather there!

  4. Keep those heaters on down south - we're on our way.

    Jeanette's Mom is looking younger every time I see a picture of her. That's a great family pic with Easton.

  5. Yep loving this sunny warmer weather we are having,sure is time for shorts!

  6. Sounded like a fun visit with your brother. His winter home certainly has the holiday spirit. Glad to see your getting some Weber Q weather before your journey north for the holidays. Have a great Thursday!

  7. Also great picture with the kids and Jeanette's mother.

  8. Glad to see your weather picking, plus you are keeping busy! Ride on!