Sunday, December 15, 2013

No Time Wasted....

Our time here is coming to a close.  We leave for Lake Havasu City tomorrow morning.  It has been an enjoyable time here in the Yuma Valley. 

Friday was a 'stay at home' day in the Fortuna De Oro RV Park.  We chose to book a Tee time and play the full length, nine hole, golf course.  Jeanette came along for the exercise.  The course layout is actually very nice but the grounds have been neglected.  I believe the new owners of this RV park - Cal Am - will have the entire place in ship shape within a couple of years.  The company has already spent huge sums of dollars, slowly converting this place into a resort style facility. 

Jeanette joined me for the walk and to keep score.  With a foursome ahead of us - leading to slow play for us - I played two balls.  That was like playing 18 holes of golf.

Nice course layout.
My caddy for the day...but she didn't work too hard.  I pulled the rented golf cart but Jeanette kindly chased a couple of errant golf balls.
I did manage to play fairly well and finished with a 40 with one ball and a 46 with the other.  Not great....but not bad either.  Anyhow, it was fun to try the course, swing the clubs and enjoy the scenery.
Finishing putt on the 9th.
We returned to our site by 1:00 pm,  put some lunch together and Jeanette fired up the washing machine.  Laundry got cleaned and we enjoyed a relaxing and pleasant day, reading and just sitting outdoors, in the sun.  
Saturday morning ride into the Dome Valley
We chose to take a ride to the Dome Valley on Saturday morning.  I suggested that we ride out east to Welton and check out the Coyote Wash Golf Course there.  I've played there many times before.  It is a resort course and the club house offers a great view and an equally great breakfast menu. 

Our view from inside the restaurant at the club house @ Coyote Wash Golf Course.
Breakfast was enjoyed while watching golfers at the first Tee.  December is not the busiest time here.  Between January and mid-April though, this place will see a sizable increase in  RVers and golfers. 

RVing friend, Hector - from Vancouver Island - and I played this golf course several times in the past couple of years and I look forward to our next round here; quite possibly in the new year.
Lovely place.
After breakfast, we rode around the development here.  It is top class but it suffered greatly in the 2008 economic crash.  So many homes and empty lots are for sale.  Coyote wash is about a 15 minute ride east from Yuma.
We left Coyote Wash and headed north into the town of Welton and east into the Dome Valley.  This is prime vegetable farming country.  And there was plenty of activity.  Hundreds of labourers were cultivating the lettuce and cauliflower crops.  Riding on the motorcycle is so pleasant because we get to smell the fresh cut of these vegetables.  It smells great during harvest.

One of the many fields being harvested.

Another enjoyable evening looking out of our 5th wheel window at the colourful Christmas light display
By mid-afternoon Saturday, we rolled into Bernie and Rita's place for another visit and, by 4:30 pm, we headed to a recently established, first rate, smorgasbord restaurant.  Now...that was one fine feast had.  Lin's Grand Buffet restaurant is a going concern, offering top rate food and for the grand total of $11/person.  Lin's has nine locations in Texas and Arizona. We'll go back there again!

Back at Bernie and Rita's we enjoyed several rounds of Kings in The Corner - a card game - before we rolled back home to our RV site.  We'll be joining them - and better than 40 more folks - this afternoon for a food gathering at one of their friend's home in the Yuma Foothills.  We look forward to that.

Today, we start organizing our fiver to advance our preparations to leave tomorrow here tomorrow  morning.  The motorcycle will be tied down on the swivel wheel and other stuff will be stowed. It will be an otherwise relaxing day before our dinner gathering.

That's it from here.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Just love those relaxing days reading in the sunshine, we are pros at that!
    Travel safe.

  2. those are quite the Christmas lights!!
    safe travels to you tomorrow!

  3. Your caddy (Jeanette) takes great pics too especially of your golf swing - it's a lot better than my Charles Barkley imitation.

    After I read your posts I always feel like I should be doing a lot more! You and Jeanette sure keep busy.

  4. Enjoyed today's tour through your pictures and post. Hope you Jeanette and all the family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Hope we can catch up for a visit sometime before your spring journey home.

  5. Allen,
    Catching up would be great. Keep in touch.