Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Few More Tasks Completed....

Jeanette returned from Edmonton, Alberta last Wednesday evening and her accounts (with over 250 photos taken) while away were fun to listen to.
Jeanette with her mom, Mary.
At 87 years of age, Mary is doing quite well.  Her four daughters drop in to visit, on many occasions, and Jeanette, being the oldest of the girls - and living the farthest away - is always excited when she visits.  To have the four daughters together for Thanksgiving was a treat.
All shined up and ready for storage
While Jeanette was visiting in Alberta, I got busy with some other home based projects.  One of those was to detail, shine, store and cover the Harley Davidson.  It is now plugged into a battery tender and will sit out the next five/six months.

With the Harley stored, the Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad was brought out of sleep mode.  It was completely serviced with fresh synthetic oil, clean new air filter, new spark plugs and tires inflated to required pressures.  It is now ready to mount the swivel wheel, behind the 5th wheel, for our southbound journey, one month from now.
Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad
Courtney, Deni and Owen enjoying an outdoor afternoon this past week.
The North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Alberta
Before flying back to the coast, Jeanette spent a few more days with our son Deni, DIL Courtney and grandson Owen.  Other than Deni, who was busy at work, the others headed to the river valley, off the downtown core of Edmonton.  The paved pathways are second to none.  Edmonton has so well preserved its river valley but also opened it up to great paths for hiking and bicycling.  
Owen enjoys any outing, anytime.
Courtney with Owen taking a break along the walkway.
Back at home, Owen is crawling and that leads him into discovering all sorts of new things.  He seems to enjoy crawling in and over the undersides of a few end tables in the living room.
"Hey, this is fun....."
He clearly enjoys the TV remote......
Anything he can do to get someone's attention to take him outdoors is a plus.  I gather he enticed his Nana to do just that, and more than once too.
Happy little fella.....                  "Let's go Nana!"
Jeanette got the opportunity to have one more visit with her mom.  On Tuesday past, daughter Darlene drove Mary to Edmonton for an eye appointment and Courtney arranged to serve lunch at her home.  Deni took time off his duties to come home for lunch too.
L-R  Mary, Courtney, Owen, Deni and Darlene
When she returned home Wednesday evening, Jeanette knew full well that we would be looking after Brie and Easton for the day, Thursday.  The weather was nice.  So, off we went to the local forest trails at Aldergrove Park for some fun in the leaves.
Easton loves to ride; anywhere, anytime, any place.  He learned a few things about leaves, mushrooms, moss and lichens from his Nana.
Another important lesson on deciduous trees
Brie was OK with the information but she was far more interested in looking at the big tall trees, watching her brother ride his bike and just generally taking in all the sights and sounds.
Easton got to learn about different types of mushrooms.
This mushroom's head was at least 5 inches in diameter.
Easton rode up and down this little incline with the wooden bridge.  Great fun for speeding down the hill and climbing right back up to do it all over again.
Easton and Brie just before we loaded them up in the car for the short drive back to our home.
Little Brie at 8 months.  This happy little girl is a busy beaver.  She is crawling a lot now and it seems she will walk in the not to distant future.
Jeanette and I were at our physician's office for our routine medicals yesterday (Friday).  I will donate some blood, in the week ahead, for the routine analysis but all seems well with the old frames, engines, fuel and exhaust systems.  The electronic ignitions (brains) seem to be fine too.  So, it's all good on that front for us.  No prescriptions, no medications, no interventions!   Good to go!

And that's about it from here.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Good to hear all is well with your health. I'm sure you know this, but you have cute grandkids.
    Do your winter plans include a trip to Canyon Vista this year?

  2. Rod and Sylvia,
    We are thinking about heading to Canyon Vista for one or two weeks (possibly more too) in January, following our flight back from Christmas at home. We confirmed our flights a couple of days ago. We'll let you know when we firm up our post X-mas RV plans.

  3. the two of you have been blessed with a beautiful family..thanks for sharing all the smiles today!

  4. Great pics of the grandkids - they are all happy little people which is terrific!

    Nice pics of the walkway along the river in Edmonton.

    One month to go? That's going to come up quick now.

  5. Nice to be getting a few last minute chores wrapped up, soon you will be on your way.

  6. Good to see you have the bike all shinned up and ready to go! The Harley will be

    Good to get all your check ups completed... you will be on the road soon.