Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Out Of The Loop....

....blogging wise, that is!

Plainly said, we have been busy entertaining company from Calgary, Alberta.  With the other activities that keep us busy, I have not had the time to blog.   I did find some time to sneak some reads from other bloggers though.
L-R  Me, Jeanette, Bob and Deb (Jeanette's sister)
Last Thursday had us at the airport to meet up with Deb and Bob who had flown in for an extended weekend of fun with us.  And fun we did have!
Found on our Friday drive into Washington State
With their passports in hand and our Nexus cards, we crossed the 49th parallel into Washington State last Friday morning.  Our goal was to meander through the Chuckanut Trail 'en route' to La Conner, WA. 
Deb and Jeanette in the pumpkin patch
It was a leisurely drive. We avoided the major highways and found more interesting back roads to explore the countryside.
Deb and Bob are golfers.....and we stopped by one of my favourite courses - Shuksan GC.
By coincidence, our golfing foursome is playing Shuksan GC tomorrow (Wednesday).  It is a stunningly beautiful - and challenging - golf course.        Shuksan Golf Club

Many pumpkin farms were displaying their offerings.  Very nice!

The river front harbour at La Conner, WA
La Conner, WA, is a quaint little fishing port that has made the local springtime tulip festival a must see event.  At this time of the year, the rustic town caters to the non-working tourists; such as us.

The bridge that connects La Conner to the other side of the river.
A must stop at the Edaleen Dairy just south of the US/Canada border crossing.  Deb and Jeanette with ice creams in hand.  The extreme background includes an early evening view of Mount Baker.
Their ice cream is so delicious. We had to treat ourselves.  Edaleen Dairy

Apart from other planned activities, Saturday included a visit to the famous Granville Island in Vancouver.    Home | Granville Island

Our view from Granville Island.
After meandering through the fish, meat, vegetable and trinket market, we settled for a sit down coffee while enjoying the banter of market style bargaining.  It is a fun place to be.  The fresh fish and vegetables offered make the trip more than worthwhile.
Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge - North Vancouver, BC
From Granville Island, we drove through downtown Vancouver, through Stanley Park, over the Lions Gate Bridge and into the District of North Vancouver.  Our goal was to cross the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and hike one or two of the numerous trails in the North Shore Mountain Forest.
Deb and Jeanette crossing the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.
We spent a good three hours in this mountain forest.  Our hike took us to higher elevations and eventually around  Rice Lake.  Several hikers were busy fly fishing or casting for the rainbow trout.
Boulders and roots are in abundance.  One has to keep an eye on the ground while hiking these trails.
There are swimming holes that catch the attention of young people.  Several were seen cliff jumping into the frigid waters in the deep pools.  Every year, someone is killed in these waters but that does not deter the brave from experiencing the jumps.
Jeanette is exploring the smooth rocks toward the rivers edge.
Although a cooler environment in the thick forest and higher elevations, it took little effort before we were removing layers.  The hike was a very good workout.
Stunningly beautiful trails featuring tall trees, deep canyons, waterfalls and more.
Back below, in the parking area, we toured the information building to learn more about the flora and fauna. Leaving the Canyon, we drove west on Highway 1 (Trans Canada Highway) and into the seaside village of Horseshoe Bay.  It was here that we chose to treat ourselves to a great sea food dinner while watching the BC Ferries ships come and go.  This terminal takes cars and passengers to the Sunshine Coast or to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  The smaller ferries move people and cars to the local Bowen Island.
BC Ferries ship arrives at the Horseshoe Bay terminal....
Saturday proved to be a terrific day out enjoying the offerings that we so easily take for granted out here on the Canadian Pacific Coast.

Sunday family activity at the pumpkin festival at the Apple Barn
Planned in advance, we were thrilled to join Ginette, Trevor, Easton and Brie at the Apple Barn farm for some pre-Halloween fun.  This is a great family environment for kids (young and old) to partake in picking pumpkins from a true pumpkin patch and enjoying all of the other farm related fun stuff.
Hanging out  L-R  Ginette, Brie (our little pumpkin) Easton and Trevor.
"Hey....don't leave us here....."
Easton got to choose the pumpkins he wanted to bring back home to carve for Halloween. 
L-R  Bob, Easton, Me, Trevor and Deb.
Nana with Easton.....
Brie's first time around a farm and pumpkins.  She took it all in.
What would a visit to a farm be without the opportunity for Easton to sit and pretend drive a farm tractor.  He loved to just sit there and emulate the tractor running. 

Feeding corn to the goats was fun.....
....and so was looking in on the chickens, ducks, turkeys and more.......
Having to take a break to feed Brie......
The signature photo.
Enjoying a hay ride (although the bales were straw)
With Easton's choices confirmed, it was time to deliver the pumpkins to the vehicle before taking that anticipated pony ride.
Choices made....
Food stuffs are really good.  Talk about a fresh roasted corn on the cob.  That was Easton's favourite.

And a parting favourite activity, a nice pony ride through some corn stalks.
We all enjoy the great couple of hours spent at the Apple Barn Pumpkin Festival.....!

Monday morning offered another beautiful day and once our breakfast was over with, Deb, Bob, Jeanette and I took a long walk around our neighbourhood and into the local park.  Back home, Bob and Deb sorted their luggage before we drove them back to the airport for the return flight to Calgary.

Back home, Jeanette and I were quick to change out of shorts and into jeans for a quickly planned motorcycle ride.  Our weather continues to offer hot and sunny days so we took advantage to ride out to Harrison Hot Springs.  An hour or so later, we rode over the Fraser River and into the City of Chilliwack before taking several back country paved roads all the way back home.  What a treat!
At Harrison Hot Springs Resort.
We sat on this very bench and enjoyed coffees while looking out on the lake.
And that covers the past several days of activities in our world.  We did other stuff too but that could be the fodder for another blog.

Fun, fun, fun!  No complaints!  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. the two of you and your 'gang' sure hit all the 'hot spots'!! sounds like it was a fun week!!!

  2. And fun was had by all--loved all the photos but especially the ones of the kids at the pumpkin patch!

  3. Can't blame you for not writing since you just keep yourselves so busy. Great pictures especially the grands at the farm.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. You have been busy having a wonderful time, no wonder you had no time to Blog.

  5. Easton and Brie playing in the Pumpkins were my favourite pics but there were plenty of other great shots as well.

    As usual, you've been busy partying and entertaining - I don't know how you guys are able to keep it up.

    Hope you had fun golfing today.