Thursday, February 5, 2015

All Set Up and Enjoying It All.....

Since our arrival at Caliente' Springs RV Resort, the weather has been exceptional.  No wind, nice daytime temperatures and cool evenings pretty well top the charts for ideal snow birding conditions.
Caliente' Springs Resort.
The afternoon sun beads down on our RV entry side so we installed the awning shade screen.  That adds a high level of comfort to sitting outdoors.  It's a nice privacy screen too.
Sun protection using the awning shade screen.
Chico, the Portuguese Water dog drops by for regular visits.
Diane and Hector's awesome dog, Chico remembers us well, year after year. He is most comfortable hanging out at our site.   He also enjoys the afternoon shade from the sun behind our sun screen. 
On a Face Time call with Easton (almost three years old), he was curious to see our set up.  I walked around with the iPad to give him a full out perspective of where we are and what our site set up looks like.
We did get to motorcycle around the area; down to 1000 Palms, over to Cathedral City and back around.  What a joy to be able to ride without the need for riding jackets.  It has been perfect motorcycling weather since our arrival here, last Sunday.
We have enjoyed some relaxing time and some great meals.  Last evening, Hector (the prolific, west coast, passionate, recreational fisherman) offered up some salmon and halibut that he caught off the west coast of Vancouver Island, this past summer and fall.  We moved his Weber next to ours and we jointly prepared an awesome feast.  
Dualling barbecues...
With Diane back home on Vancouver Island for a few days, we have shared and prepared some fine meals together.  Hector has been texting Diane with news of our joint meals and fun times together.  She returns here this weekend.
Not only is he a good recreational off shore fisherman, Hector is top class when barbecuing fish.
Hector manned the fish, I manned our Weber to prepare the mushrooms, onions and peppers (in the photo below) while Jeanette was busy cooking up the rice on the propane stove. So.... it was cooking committee effort that had us sit down to a five star, outdoor meal.

The result.  Oh... so..... good!
So there you have it.  We are well set up; eating well.....very well, in fact....and truly enjoying the great weather.  

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I should say so--truly a feast!! Isn't it wonderful that we northerners can enjoy the warmth and sunshine of the desert!

  2. You are making me jealous. We have one last piece of fish that we are hoarding for a final great meal. Good thing we have some left at home!

  3. Whats better than good friends, great food, awesome weather and not one but two Webers preparin to cook it one!

  4. Looks like great motorcycle riding weather! That site sure gets some great afternoon sun... loved it until the darn thing goes behind the mountains!

  5. That BBQ'd salmon sure looked great, Rene. I thought I smelled something pretty tasty wafting over the Sands the other night.

    The weather has been just awesome - even with that 'gentle breeze' we had for a few hours yesterday afternoon!