Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cleaned Up and Stored.....

Back home since last Thursday evening, our weather has been so sunny and mild (no rain) that we were able to quickly and easily move stuff back into our home, wash and detail the exterior and interior, and to push our RV back behind locked gates on the west side of our home.
Removing the motorcycle
Removing the motorcycle and disconnecting the motorcycle swivel wheel deck is done before backing the rig onto our driveway.
Backed in, washed and detailed - and ready to be pushed back in storage area.
We were busy looking after our Langley based grand-kids on Saturday.  With Easter Sunday dinner preparations, we did not have a lot of time to work on the 5th wheel cleanup.  But we got back at it this past Monday and Tuesday.

Easton showed up at our home in full firefighting gear.
When asked why he came over in full firefighting dress, Easton replied that he could have to hurry and help people should they need it.  Cute!  His dad, Trevor is a volunteer firefighter....and Easton thinks that is pretty cool.  He has experienced riding in a fire truck and spending time at the fire hall.
Brie is happy to hang out in her Nana's arms. 
We sure had a fun time looking after Easton and Brie on Saturday.  Mom, Ginette came by in mid-afternoon to collect the kids. They would return for an Easter Sunday egg hunt, plus dinner.
Jeanette readying to hide stuff for a planned Easter hunt.
A kid at heart, Jeanette gets a lot of pleasure finding hiding places and creating clue notes for a fun Easter hunt.  Easton sure got into that.  He loved listening to the clues and searching for the goodies.
One clue revealed something hidden in his John Deere wagon.
Cousin Darcey, from Vancouver Island, was spending a few days at Ginette and Trevor's home and she was invited to join in for Easter dinner.  It is always nice to see Darcey.
Taking a break after a fulfilling Easter egg (other stuff too) hunt.
Easton moved a small chair by the kitchen island to watch his Nana dish out the vegetables for dinner.
We enjoyed a great Easter dinner meal while catching up on everybody's activities.  
 And the grand-kids got the opportunity to play with some of the toys that we have in our home.
Dad, Trevor is busy keeping the kids busy in the sun room.
Jeanette took this photo to celebrate those of us who have recently had a birthday or will soon celebrate one.

Yummy tasting lemon pie for Brie.  Hmmmm, hmmmm good!
Deni and Owen made the two hour drive to enjoy Easter dinner with Jeanette's family in Alberta
Our son Deni, with his son Owen, drove a couple of hours east from Edmonton, Alberta to join in on a family Easter dinner.  It was being hosted by Darlene, one of Jeanette's sisters.  Jeanette's sisters (and their families) were to join Jeanette's mom there too.  

Owen's mom, Courtney, was busy being a trauma nurse in Edmonton. She had to miss out on the festivities.

Deni, with Owen and Jeanette's sister, Darlene.
By all accounts, they too enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner put on by Darlene and Tom at their farm.
L-R  Sisters, Georgina, Mom Mary, Darlene and Deb.  Jeanette is missing from this photo
Darlene decorated her home and offered up some yummy Easter treats along with a five star meal.  

Back home in Edmonton, following his visit in the Alberta countryside, we shared a nice, long Face Time with Deni and Owen.

Other than RV clean up, Easter dinner and some time spent with the grand-kids, we've caught up on some yard work.  Jeanette got out there for several hours and managed to pluck some early weeds, trim some flowers and shrubs and generally begin bringing order to our front and back yard.  There is more work ahead....but it is all routine.

That's about it from here.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Looks like are all settled in and getting ready for summer activities.

    1. For sure......, it sure feels like summer tight now

  2. Sure a nice Easter with the kid's. Great picture of Easton with his fire turnout suit. Nice progress on getting things away and back to normal. Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Sure great to see all those wonderful family pics and your Easter celebration. I know a little guy who'd love to have a fireman's outfit just like Easton!

    Nice job on getting the rig all spiffed up and stored.

    Rick on Google+

    1. Mason would look good in a firefighter suit. Little boys and fire trucks seem to go well together.

      The rig is ready for its next journey.

  4. Glad to see everything back to "normal"! We plan to leave here around April 20, but it snowed at home yesterday and today in Ottawa!!! So, maybe we will extend beyond that. There is mass depression back home! (:-)

  5. Will the east finally find an end to winter? I don't blame you for hanging around in the southern climes. It must be quiet in Canyon Vista.

  6. looks like it was a fun Easter for everyone! thanks for sharing all the photos!

  7. Looks like you folks hit the ground running once you got home. A great time with the family sounds like a good plan.

  8. Our weather in AZ cooled and we are out enjoying the warmth while it is snowing in Montana! Glad your trip home was uneventful!!

  9. No hurry to get home when the AZ weather is so good.