Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Work

I sometimes struggle to write about activities that could be of interest to readers.  Once the 5th wheel is detailed and stored, it seems the routine of home in Metro Vancouver,  British Columbia,  Canada leaves lesser stories to write about.  At least that's the way I have felt these past couple of weeks.

Well, we have not been idle.  We've kept busy with spring work....
Washing the exterior siding and eave troughs
Every couple of years, I like to give the house exterior a nice cleaning. This was the year.  So, over a couple of days, I washed the entire house.  It looks nice.The grime is gone.

Back home from driving Jeanette to the airport, last Saturday,  the motorcycle was fired up and I rode for well over four hours. Saturday offered an above average daytime temperature; under blue skies.  How could I not take advantage of that!
Last Sunday also offered great weather and I took advantage to motorcycle to our Open Mic coffee gathering.  Fun times!
More cleaning.
Under sunny skies, the pressure washer was put into service.  That large (white) rock that forms a part of the back yard pond was black from grime.  Once pressure washed, it was sparkling white, once again.
Cleaning out the pond.
Every couple of years, I empty the entire pond, clean it out, refresh the water and turn the water source and pumps back on.  That took several hours but the result is outstanding.

With the pressure washer out, I also chose to power wash all of our sidewalks and our large driveway.  That took several hours but the results were well worth the effort.  Those chores done, the outdoor spring cleaning is completed.  
Jeanette texted this photo of Owen at his Edmonton, Alberta home.  What a great little man he is.  Nana showed up with gifts of clothing and other fun stuff. 
Following several days visiting with Owen, Courtney and Deni, Jeanette is going to spend several days visiting her mom, Mary who lives about 90 minutes east from Edmonton.  Along with sisters, Deb and Darlene, the daughters have planned some quality outings and visits with their mom in the days ahead.
One year old Brie.  What a sweetie!
Our daughter, Ginette surprised us when she texted the following photos last evening.  She and Trevor chose to have some family photos taken by a professional photographer. 
Brie and Easton - enamoured with the little chicks.
Lovely family photo.
Other than keeping the home fires burning, I took Easton for his third ever visit to the local golf course where we got to practice our golf shots and putting.  At three years of age, it was interesting to see how much better he could focus compared to the first two previous visits to the driving range.  The objective is to have some fun.  And one I sense that he is losing interest in striking balls or putting on the green, we move on to other interesting things.

Our weekly men's golf round had to be scuttled due to forecast rains on Friday.  And a good thing too.  It actually hailed for a few minutes. The weather was not conducive to enjoying a good outdoor round of golf.

And there you have it.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Wow you have been busy.
    I much prefer washing our entire motorhome than washing the house though.
    Enjoy the great weather.

  2. Those professional family photos are amazingly good. But, so is the pic of little Owen - all pics of grandkids are perfect, right?

    You've been quite busy I see. Same around here as I power-washed our concrete driveway - what a job. Just have all the sidewalks left to do now. Spring clean-up time.

    Your header photo is simply awesome - beautiful colours!

  3. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished, glad to hear that you are enjoying some great weather and wonderful family photos! Take care.

  4. Great family photos--I too struggle once home in Montana to come up with blog fodder--thanks for making the effort, we enjoy reading about your life!