Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another Update....

We maintain a regular schedule of home and away stuff and till our daughter returns from her five week business trip to the Luxor area of Egypt, next Sunday, we continue to look after Brie and Easton - including the Thursday overnights - two days each week.  They are a joy to have with us.
Easton loves to climb the big rock by the pond.
And grand papa doesn't mind climbing the big rock too.
Jeanette has such a gift for finding things to keep the grand kids busy.  We hear few complaints.  
Brie loves to play with rocks and water; often throwing rocks into the watering can.
From a distance, Easton can be seen on the top of the big pond rock.
When not playing outdoors, Brie enjoys the sun room.  She loves to keep busy!
Easton enjoys the kitchen and can often be found helping his Nana prepare meals.  He is also keen on baking.
And when a break away from indoor stuff loses its appeal, he likes to take some outdoor toys to the planter for some good old dirt works.
One fun thing both kids enjoy is to fill the little outdoor tub and then get seriously wet playing in and out of it. That is a fun thing to do on a hot day.  And it keeps them interested and curious.

Back from last Friday's golf round, Jeanette and I took Easton and Brie to the local urban forest. 
Giving the grand kids a good workout before dinner leads to a quick and easy sleep following their nightly baths.  By the time their dad, Trevor joins us for Friday evening dinner, little Brie and Easton are ready for the quick drive back to their home for bedtime.

Easton has a great time with his Stider bike.
And this large tree trunk root has now become a favourite to climb.
My little man enjoys spending time outdoors and he is sure quick to lend a hand to wash the dually.
Brie manages some alone time on the deck with Jeanette while Easton and I hang out on the front driveway.
More rocks for Brie to collect.....and to hide somewhere (likely in the watering can)
Jeanette and I watched some Netflix programs on Friday evening, once Trevor and the grand kids returned to their home.  

Saturday called for great weather and we opted to head out into the Fraser Valley on our motorcycle.  We ended up in Cultus Lake and then further into the Columbia Valley.  
Cultus Lake was busy with boaters and RVers.

A great place for family picnics.
Listening to Jeanette and her sister chatting on the telephone, this past Sunday morning, I heard Jeanette mention going out into the back yard to pot some plants.  Well......I had other plans.  I quickly piped up to suggest that we do something we do not often do.   That was to motorcycle into downtown Vancouver, ride along the great Vancouver beaches, ride to the trendy Kitsilano area (for lunch), to UBC (University of British Columbia), into south Vancouver, to the Vancouver Airport to check out the new outlet mall that seems to be all the rave of late...and finally through the Massey tunnel (under the Fraser River) and back for home.

Jeanette was up for that.  Once off the phone with sister Deb, who resides in Calgary, we suited up and rode out to Vancouver.
The new (and fantastic) Port Mann Bridge that crosses over the Fraser River from Surrey into Coquitlam.
From our door to the eastern outskirts of Vancouver took us about 30-35 minutes.  Fifteen minutes later, we were right by Vancouver City Hall and heading north into the downtown core.
Another view of the Port Mann Bridge
Entering Vancouver  from the eastern outskirts
Vancouver City Hall
Heading north on Cambie street towards the Cambie Street bridge and into downtown Vancouver
We checked out some famous tourist spots - without dismounting - including the world class cruise chip terminal at Canada Place and on towards the 2010 Olympic cauldron nearby.
The Olympic cauldron and the new Fox-TV FIFA headquarters for the international Womens' Soccer tournament slated for the weeks ahead.
FOX-TV obtained the US rights to the FIFA Womens' Soccer tournament to be held in Vancouver and their temporary headquarters is quite a beautiful facility: to include a couple of TV studios, meeting rooms, make up, green room and more.  Their location is second to none - along the Vancouver waterfront.  Once the FIFA tournament is over with, the building will be torn down.
Can you see the ships in the Vancouver Harbour? 
Heading towards Kitsilano (a trendy shopping and restaurant section of Vancouver) we rode along this beautiful, Russian built Ural motorcycle
 IMZ Ural - Russian Sidecar Motorcycles    (Click on the link for the URAL WEB site)

Personally speaking, I am not  a fan of the Ural motorcycle but the woman riding it seemed thrilled as punch when we rode by and waved. I could not tell if her ride was a vintage Ural but it did look like it had seen a few miles.

Riding along the beaches on our way to the University of British Columbia.
After spending the best part of our day in Vancouver, we headed south of the city and found our way back home in the Langley countryside. Our return ride home took us about 45 minutes riding the new Perimiter Highway 17 back to the Trans-Canada Highway #1 and east into south Langley.  It was a beautiful day.  And we enjoyed the sights of one of the world's most beautiful cities.
On the new Perimiter Highway 17 Highway.
That covers things from here for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Glad to see ya'll keeping busy with family fun etc,, a good balance.

  2. It's always amazing to see how willing the little ones are to help in doing a job whenever they can. They sure are keeping you guys busy.

    Loved the photos of Vancouver - hate to drive there to take them!!

  3. Geez, I think we are busy! Those little ones keep you going, don't they!

  4. Brie. I love that name! What cute kids. I always loved Vancouver but I was happy to leave in 1969 when I was 24.

    Was that pond rock always there or did you bring it in?

    1. The pond rock was dug out when our lot was being prepared for the foundation. The decision was made to keep it and move it to where the future pond would be. It is a conversation piece when we entertain visitors.