Monday, June 15, 2015

Musings and Air Drops....

Another seven days have passed by.  Planning another blog had me downloading photos, editing them, selecting those I would post and then conceiving the written element.  Thinking that little of relevance had happened this past week, the photos brought some good recall to the process..

We start off in the Province of Alberta.  Our Edmonton based family sent some nice photos with little Owen.  He also had a busy week of fun and activities.  Whether in the park or at home, our little man did learn some new things.
Owen with dad, Deni enjoying some fun time in the local park.
If Owen is anything like his dad, he will be curious about how to take things apart and fix them.  The photo below sees Owen watching as his dad changes out the batteries in one of his toys.

Enjoying some back yard Edmonton time.
Only 75 minutes east from Edmonton, Jeanette's sister, Darlene sent the photo below.  Mom, Mary had just retrieved her outdoor bird feeder to clean and refresh the seeds.
Mary is enjoying some nice outdoor time.
Ginette and her two kids dropped by our home several times this past week.  We did get to have some fun time with Easton and Brie.
Mom is sharing some cuddles with Easton while Brie was taking a nap.
Once up from her nap, Brie joined Easton for play on our deck.  Water is an attractive activity to have fun with.
Even Nana gets involved in the water games.
One morning, Jeanette joined Ginette and the two grand kids as they headed to another park for some play time.
Treats and fluids are part of the play routine.
One day while at our home, Brie found the little floor mop and chose to do some house cleaning.
Then Easton got his hands on the floor mop and chose to clean up the floors in our master bedroom while Brie took a work break on the bed.
Easton did experience a difficult lesson this past week.  Walking around our yard, he found a bird floating in our pond.  It was dead.  That hurt his feelings.  He was asking why the little bird had died. Nana shared her feelings with Easton as they planned a proper burial for the little bird.
Easton is trying to coax the little bird to wake  up.
Given the choice to select a proper burial place, Easton chose a place under some recently transplanted Emerald cedar trees.
He got to explain the entire story of finding the little bird and the burial when I returned home later in the day.
At a local berry farm, pie making facility and awesome farmers' market.
Ginette and Trevor asked us to join them at the  Krause Berry Farms  for breakfast this past Saturday morning.  We met them, Easton, Brie and Trevor's mom at 10:30 am.  Trevor and Ginette treated us to a first class outdoor breakfast.  That was to say thanks for our collective help with the grand kids while Ginette was away in Egypt.
Beautiful garden.  And the setting for our sit down outdoor breakfast.      Krause Berry Farms
While Trevor was ordering breakfast, we kept an eye on our curious grand kids.  Brie loved playing around the flowers and the rocks that make up the walkway paths.
Nice Tiger lilies.
Jeanette, Trevor and Brie.
It was a picture perfect day out.  There were hundreds of families out there too.  Many were in the field picking strawberries and blue berries.  Those fruits, including raspberries, are now in season.
A perfect breakfast meal enjoyed outdoors.
This was how Trevor and Ginette treated us to an awesome outdoor breakfast.
A few hours later, we prepared to leave this beautiful farm.  Brie and Easton were due for their afternoon nap.  We said our bye byes.....and headed back for home.
Little Brie enjoys flowers.....
We looked after Brie and Easton for a few hours on Sunday morning.  Once collected by their folks, Jeanette and I changed into motorcycle riding clothes and headed out for a ride.  We found ourselves at the Skydive Vancouver - BC's Most Experienced Skydive Team facility situated in the Fraser Valley, just north from the city of Abbotsford. 

We had not planned to go there.  Just riding along some back roads had us drive by.  We turned around, drove into the parking area of the facility and, under the shade of their picnic table tented areas, we watched three complete drops before heading out. 
New jumpers - along with experienced ones - heading for the aircraft.
More jumpers.....  Each plane take off included 9 parachutists; most singles and some doubles.
Preparing to land.....
This jumper's helmet had two Go-Pro video cameras mounted.
Colourful chute...
A real pro.  She landed on her feet......
This airplane was busy ferrying jumpers to their high elevation jump point.
Watching the jumpers was fun for a couple of hours.  We left there near 5:00 pm and headed further east into the Fraser Valley and to a favoured farmers' market that supplies us with some of our preferred hamburger meats.

Back home, we enjoyed a lovely outdoor dinner on our deck.

And that's pretty well the story of our past seven days.  Thanks for dropping by.

Oh......and the writer of this little scribe is celebrating a birthday today, June 15th.


  1. Great post, Rene. So many wonderful photos of the grandchildren - they're all good. It's amazing how simple things attract the little guys more than big, expensive toys...i.e. a bucket of water!!

    Those Strawberry Waffles sure looked tasty!

  2. Looks like a fun week, and have a Happy Birthday.

  3. Nothing quite like some great family time = more memories.
    Happy Belated birthday !

  4. It is the simple things that are the most attractive to the grands as they grow. We are now looking back at pictures of those innocent years and comparing them to the young adults they have become.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Life is just Grand isn't it? Great times with the family is always special.