Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pre-Christmas Travel Plans...

I earlier mentioned that we would be laying out our winter travel plans in the next blog.  And that time is now.  By now, we would have the fifth wheel pulled up into our driveway in preparation for moving in and getting all the systems running.  And we would likely be heading south by the 2nd week of November.  Not this year though!
Our normal set up come November of each year.
Readers will likely remember that Jeanette and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary this past September.  Our plans included a fall trip to Europe.  With the expected birth of our 4th grandchild in mid to late September, we thought about Europe in October.  We were working on some loose plans when it became evident that Jeanette's mom was not doing well.  We held off on the European plans.  As most of you know, Jeanette's mom passed way this past September 30th.  As Power of Attorney, Jeanette had a fair bit of business to look after.  So.....a change in plans.

Maui in November
We still wished to do something different prior to Christmas so we booked a nice November holiday in Hawaii - and more specifically, Maui.  
This shoreline awaits us.
Once back from Maui, we will have sufficient time to prepare for Christmas, service and load our 5th wheel and - as of this writing - we plan to point the truck, 5th wheel and motorcycle south, on or about the 29th of December.

Europe is still in our plans but that will be fulfilled in the years ahead.

On the home front, we've been keeping busy with a variety of activities.  I have been helping a long time friend with a huge move he and his wife are making from this west coast to the east coast.  And a huge move it is.
They are moving their household goods from this home.......
......into four of these containers.
This is container #3.  It is nearly loaded and ready for truck transport to New Brunswick
Nearing the end of the large move.
These friends made the tough decision to sell here and settle closer to their two children, their spouses and the grandchildren, in the Province of New Brunswick.  They already have a beautiful house plan designed and, once their dream home is built on an acreage just outside of Moncton, NB, they will re-settle and move on with life.  They will be missed here on this coast but we will get to see them during the winter snow birding months, in the years ahead.
Lucky dropped by for tea.
Good RV and motorcycle friends, Lucky and Trena are soon to leave in their beautiful Class 'A' motor home for their winter home in the Palm Desert area of California. Lucky dropped by our home this past week, for a visit.  After laying out their travel plans (with motorcycle along) we shared our plans and now look forward to catching up with them early in 2016 for more southern California motorcycle rides along with other like minded riders we so well know in the US southwest. And we are sure looking forward to that.

We have also shared some quality time with our Langley based kids and their kids.  It's always a treat to have have Easton and Brie visit and even overnight with us.  They enjoy that; as do we!
Brie checks out some show cattle in our neighbourhood.
With a mix of outdoor and indoor activities, the grand kids keep Jeanette and I busy.  It's fun to get outdoors and experience all types of activities.
Crunching dried leaves is fun.
On those days that present with rain, indoor activities are fun too.  From snacks to working on little craft projects, Brie and Easton don't  have time to be bored. 

Brie is drawing something new on her favourite coloured paper.
And Easton works on some of his ideas too.
While I was busy helping our friends with their move, Jeanette had Easton and Brie outdoors often.  And the one thing that recently drives Easton's pleasure is tree climbing.  He's a monkey true and true.  There isn't a tree he sees that he does not want to climb.

With Halloween today (Saturday), Easton helped his mom and Nana carve out one pumpkin.
Moving the carved pumpkin outdoors.
Courtney and Deni, from Edmonton, Alberta sent this photo (below) showing Owen carving a pumpkin with his dad.  I bet he looks forward to running around their neighbourhood, gathering all kinds of goodies on trick'n'treating night out.
Owen is getting very close up look at the pumpkin carving.
We have been following RV travel bloggers who are on their journey south from their home bases in Canada and the northern US states. It is fun to read about the journeys and we wish all of them a safe journey to their intended destinations.  And we hope to see many of these folks in the months ahead.

Anyhow, that pretty well colours our activities here.  Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. That is one huge move for your friends from BC to New Brunswick.
    Hope to run into you guys again this winter.
    Think you may a typo 1916? tours LOL. Easy to do.

    1. Thanks George. I corrected the year as soon as Jeanette made me aware of the error.

  2. Good to hear you plans, like you we are a little late leaving this year. Probably won't get going till later in November after we attend to some medical stuff. Luckily it has been a great fall here in Alberta so it is not really a hardship.......yet!

    1. It has been a great fall, hasn't it? I bet you two are looking forward to raising the dust down at Dogpound South.

  3. nice recap as always! Happy Halloween to the grandkids..what fun tonight will be for them!

    1. Halloween is fun for little kids....oh and some big kids too.

  4. We're sure you'll enjoy November in Maui, as we went there several times when we worked (such a foreign concept these days) and November was the only time Sylvia could get away. It gets pretty busy during American Thanksgiving week though. Have fun, and we will keep a spot reserved at the Happy Hours for you in Canyon Vistas.

    1. Thanks. Happy Hours @ Canyon Vistas sounds great.

  5. Thanks for the update--we would love to see you guys again in the southwest. Have a wonderful trip to Hawaii!

    1. Thanks. Having a get together is something we would strive to do.

  6. Glad things are moving forward and Maui in November will be great. Safe travels south and we hope to connect with you again this year!

  7. It would be nice to get together again. Hawaii should be fun too.