Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Off To Aloha Land. Sun, Sand & Surf Await!

By the time many readers get to this post, we'll be on our way to Maui and into a nice little place called Lahaina. With some fresh new photos to blog with, I'll report more often on the goings on while there.  The sun and surf will be a welcome relief from the west coast rains we've lived with these past several days.
Old Town, Lahaina, Maui
On the home front, it's been far from routine but many of the photos will seem routine to regular readers.  We have had a lot of family time with Brie, Easton and their folks out here on the west coast and, then again, some good fun with our Edmonton, Alberta grand kids (Owen and Kaylie) and their folks.
Brie checks out some apples and chooses one for a snack before helping to peel the others.
Out in Edmonton, Owen takes advantage of the fall leaves before the snow falls.
Our deck was often the place for a kiddie snack while the grand kids were visiting with Nana and Grand Papa.  Their special little table was well used.

I like this photo, taken only a few days after baby Kaylie was born.  Nana (Jeanette) is enjoying some time with Kaylie and her mom and dad.
Little Owen is having fun running through some leaves.
While in Alberta, Deni took Owen and me for some quad rides away from the city of Edmonton.
Our 4th (and latest) grand child, Kaylie.  She's pretty in pink
On a recent drive to Edmonton, the weather (photo below) is what I encountered in the high mountain country.  Although wet, the roads were most passable.

Our motorcycle friends from Vancouver Island dropped by our home on a return trip from Alberta.
Hector and Diane's tri-glide - Honda Goldwing trike -  will be joining us for many rides, no doubt, when we all get together in Palm Springs country in the new year.  We look forward to that.
Hector and Diane are heading out from our home; on their way to the BC Ferries terminal and the boat ride over to their Island home.
It looks like I am busy on the iPad....but.....it seems Jeanette caught me catching a wee nap in our sun room.
 She claims that I was napping.  I believe that I was simply checking my eyelids for cracks...and...otherwise busy reading! :)
Back from a golf round, I found our hot tub was busy with Trevor, Ginette and Easton enjoying the jets and the heat.
A 'selfie' with Easton (Jeanette and Brie in the BG) on one of our many bicycle rides in the neighbourhood.
Hector (L) and Lucky (R), with their spouses joined Jeanette and I for lunch in White Rock, only a few days back.
While enjoying a lovely lunch and visit, we firmed up our snow birding plans for the Palm Springs area.  Hector and Lucky both ride motorcycles and we now look forward to plying those great southern California paved roads through the mountains and along the sea shore.  

Lucky and Trena are now well ensconced in their lovely Class 'A' motorhome in the sun belt area of Cathedral City, CA.  They left the day following our lunch.
L-R  Diane, Jeanette and Trena are likely planning their own play time in Palm Springs, come the new year.
Two or our regular Sunday morning, Open Mic attendees are busy on their cell phones; quite likely fact checking something someone said.  In that group, one has to have his facts straight or someone will find you wrong.  LOL
After solving most of the world's problems, our coffee group usually finds a breakfast place.  This group is a fun one to partake in.  My brother would likely concur that, similar to his Alberta coffee group, ours is also a 'house of knowledge'.

Last Sunday while hiking in one of our nearby urban forests.
Sunday afternoon left plenty of sunshine to get us out in the woods nearby.  It felt good to get out for a nice, long hike in the fresh air.  We did notice how high the creeks and river were since the last few, heavy rainfalls we've endured.

Our long time friends (photo below) have sold their home and are now on their way to their new Province of New Brunswick, on the eastern end of Canada.  Their children and grand children live there and they made the decision to move there too.  Who can fault that decision?  Family is a like magnet.  

We'll have to find our way out to the eastern seaboard in the years ahead.
Sharing a last lunch with our friends, Denis (standing - right) and Odette, seated next to Jeanette.
They will be building their dream home, complete with a beautiful and functional wood working workshop.  Although not his career, Denis enjoys the pleasures of woodworking. And he has the tools to make anything out of wood.

While writing this blog, I received a text message, along with the two photographs below.  While on their first day drive eastward, Denis and Odette got held up in the small city of Revelstoke, BC (in the the heart of the BC Rocky Mountains) due to inclement weather and an accident on the Trans Canada Highway #1 that put a stop to east and west bound traffic.
Traffic halted on Highway 1 in the Rocky Mountains due to an accident
Heavy snowfall
We wish Odette and Denis a seamless drive (all 5500 kilometres) to their new home in Moncton, NB.

I caught this saying at the entrance of a funky little lunch place near our home.  I found it fitting in view of the recent terrorist attacks in the world class city of Paris.

Scenes like this one are pre-occupying my mind of late.  I so look forward to getting ready for our journey south once Christmas is over with.
Before that happens though, Hawaiian beaches beckon.  So....onward with that voyage!
...and spending some time here.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Have fun in Lahaina. Not that there's any way not to in that particular corner of paradise.

  2. Now you have been busy and will be much busier enjoy Lahaina, looking forward to some pics and hope to see you again in the new year.

  3. have a fabulous vacation in Hawaii!

  4. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii you two!