Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Truly Nice Beach Day

We decided to take some time off, find a nice beach, play in the sand and surf, and just generally be lazy.  And it was time very well wasted.
No shortage of beaches.  Drive anywhere and they easily pop out.  This is Wailea Beach
We drove towards Kihei with the intention of finding a nice, quiet beach to enjoy the pounding surf.  We did stop at several along the way but we found the perfect beach in Wailea: Polo Beach near the Wailea Blue Golf Course.
Polo Beach
Less populated, Polo Beach proved to be a really nice hang out for several hours of beach fun and sun.  The surf was powerful enough to enjoy some nice diving and swimming.
Deb and Jeanette were first into the water.
Volcanic activity is evident everywhere on this island.   To swim in and around these rocks requires some diligence.
Bob and I found a shaded spot to enjoy the pounding surf.
Snorkelers could be seen checking out the tropical sea life
After lunch, I joined Jeanette for a nice, long swim in the salt chuck. The water temperature was appealing too.  We were not in a hurry to get out.  Riding some waves was fun. 
Some of the wildlife we saw at Polo Beach.   Roosters and hens seem to run free range everywhere on this lovely island.  The rooster (below) hung around Bob and I.  He was on the hunt for a free meal.  We treated him and some hens to some bread chunks.
He crowed and crowed and crowed.
Two heads bobbing - Jeanette and me
By mid-afternoon, we had exhausted our desire for the beach but, having checked out the map, we chose to drive to couple more beaches. One that is deemed the nicest and biggest on the Island of Maui is called Big Beach and, it is BIG.
Checking out Big Beach
Located in Makena State Park, Big Beach has the largest undeveloped white sand beach on Maui.  It was a very busy place.
Jeanette is walking the long stretch along the pounding surf on Big Beach.
A continuous stream of huge breakers crashing the shoreline makes for some impressive surf sounds.
We spent a bit of time checking out the area before heading out.
Another beach we checked out takes a bit of driving prowess to access.  It is off the beaten path and leads to a dead end road.  It is called Maluaka Beach and is next to a beautiful small stone church called Keawala'i.
Another nice beach area. 
While checking out the volcanic rocks and enjoying the beach scene, a nice lady (who calls Washington State home) offered to take a photo of our little group.
Group shot at Maluaka Beach
After hang out at this beach for about a half hour or so, we headed out.

This is the beautiful Keawala'i Church near Makena Landing, at the far reaches of Wailea. We walked around the grounds and caught up on the history of the place.

Built in 1832
The stone walls are two feet thick.  This church can clearly weather some fierce storms.
Back at our Lahaina condo, we chose to eat in.  Ever the excellent chef,  Bob prepared some some thick and juicy chops on the barbecue while Jeanette and Deb prepared the other food stuff. After our dinner was consumed, we all headed for the hot tub.
The 2nd of the two pools our condo unit offers.
As I write this blog, we are making some plans to drive north and east on the island towards Pa'ai and Ha'iku today.  We are in search of some turtles and perhaps a pineapple field or two.  More on that in the next blog.

Thanks for dropping in.



  1. Now thats sounds like a wonderful day at the beach, love the photos.

  2. I am really enjoying reading about Maui. We stayed on Kauai for a couple of weeks a few years ago, and saw Maui for just one day on a cruise ship. I had never really wanted to go to Maui, but after that day, and now reading your blog, it is on the list for a nice long stay.