Friday, November 20, 2015

Well, This Is A Nice Place....

We've have seen drastic weather changes since our arrival here in Lahaina.  Sun, wind, and rain have been experienced.  And overnight, it rained very hard: So hard, in fact, that we could hear the rain batter the bamboo trees next to our window.  It sounded nice though.  No trouble with sleep.

Our little travel group  -  Jeanette, her sister Deb and Deb's husband Bob.
Deb and Bob left their winter wonderland city of Calgary to join us on this holiday jaunt.  They flew into the Abbotsford airport, near our home and we collectively flew to Maui from the Vancouver International Airport.   

Arriving late at night, it took a bit of time before our rental car was secured and we could drive the 30 minute route to Lahaina and our condo.  Once here though, we settled in very quickly.
One of the two pools in our condo complex.  The hot tub is at the extreme end of the pool
At this time of the year, this complex - with 200 condo units - is about 50% occupied.  And the best part of being in this complex is the one block proximity to the Front Street businesses, restaurants and the sea shore in Lahaina.
The Banyan tree in the central square of Lahaina.  Quite the story.
Read about it here: (click on the link below)
A close up view of the tree trunks.
Walking around Lahaina's central core so reminded us of Barbados.  So much history of early whalers and seafarers who plied these waters and scouted the Hawaiian Islands.
Imagine being paid $20/year - in the late 1800 - to man this lighthouse.
We walked all over the downtown core and headed further west along the sea shore.  Plenty of old buildings remain.  That is what colours the flavour of this lovely island.

Although it did not rain on us, the hills above were clouded with rain, from time to time.
This beautiful old building also served as a television station, in years past, and it remains in beautiful condition today.

Jeanette is checking out these huts at the site of the Old Lahaina Luau
With so much walking behind us, we settled into a great sea food restaurant for lunch.  Our seaside table had a great view of the activities on the sea; parasailing, sailing, fishing and more.
The menu choices were varied and our food choices were very good.
Cloudy and sunny periods were the story of the weather yesterday.
Back at our condo last evening, it began to rain.  And rain it did.  The humidity rose higher than normal but it was such a pleasure to watch it fall from our deck.  It didn't deter  me from sitting in the hot tub last night though.  The other party members chose an early bed time.
In the resort areas.
Nice golf courses here.
I chose not to bring my golf clubs along.  But this area offers up some lovely and challenging golf.  There are so many other activities to partake in.  That's our focus.  Oh.....and some nice R&R is what we like too.
A lot of catamarans can be seen plying the sea.
And the little video, below, is a short clip of one popular seaside sandy beach.
Apple users may not be able to view the video.  PC users will have no issue.
Surfers could be seen riding the surf in this area. 
And that pretty well covers our experience here in the Lahaina area of Maui.  More....much more to come in the days ahead.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I love Lahaina, and the video works fine on this Apple users machine.

    1. Good to know the video worked on an Apple product. In the past, I received comments that the video did not play but I could never find the problem. This time, deciding to write a 'disclaimer', it works. Thanks,

      And we're liking Lahaina too. Great fun.

  2. The video worked for me on my Mac Book as well.
    Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

  3. Lovely place to be. We used to travel there every year until we got our RV. Sorry about the rain.

  4. Looks like you are having a great time, enjoy!

  5. With this being US Thanksgiving week, I think you'll find paradise getting uite a bit busier. This is the same time of year we always went, and the families start showing up right about now.