Saturday, January 23, 2016

Catching Up......

Jeanette and I can hardly believe that we have been in Gold Canyon for seven days since leaving Yuma.   

Superstition Mountain from the newer park models in our RV park.
Beautiful RV Park development here in Canyon Vista Resort
This great place, at the foot of Superstition Mountain, just east of Mesa and a tad further east from Phoenix is a special place for several reasons.

1.       The views of Superstition from the RV park are first rate
2.       We have so many folks we know who winter here and that we enjoy visiting with
3.       There is always so much to do (and so little time to take it all in)
4.       The motorcycle rides offer some terrific scenery
5.       The golf courses are top rate…..and more…

So, what have we been up to?  The photos that follow sum it up quite nicely.
Backing in to our site in Canyon Vista (last Sunday)
A large group of folks were enjoying an early happy hour and they took a vote on our back up prowess.  Although very hard to see on the white card, we were awarded with a 10 for a seamless and quick back in. 
We love the roads here in southern Arizona
It's such fun to get together with friends.  Here we are enjoying a lovely visit with Gerry and Pauline, from Montreal, Quebec, who call Canyon Vista their winter home.  Gerry and I have a long history going back to our years at CBC-TV (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).
Hanging out with one of the two Iowan couples we have befriended over the years.  Lavonne and Dave led us on a really nice motorcycle ride to South Mountain.  More of those to come in the days ahead.
Enjoying a nice day visiting with Pat and Fred (one of my golfing buddies from back home).  We found them in the small city of Buckeye, due west from Phoenix, off I-10.  And we'll see them again when they and us move from Arizona into southern California; Palm Springs area for February and March.
We enjoyed a nice visit and happy hour with Rod and Sylvia, blogging friends we met several years back, and who also call Canyon Vista home for their winter getaway.  Their Canadian abode is in the beautiful, British Columbia, Okanagan Valley city of West Kelowna.  (I guess we had too much fun chatting because I had not taken any photos).  This photo was pirated from their blog).  They are the energizer bunnies in this RV park.  They hike, play pickle ball, join in on all types of activities; and Rod also belongs to a ball team.  In their spare time (if any), they rest, I would imagine.
Yes.......hanging out in the sun is a pretty nice way to spend any day in the desert.
Our ride to South Mountain
Phoenix in the distance.  We were at an elevation of about 2500 feet
Taking in the views
Jeanette's favourite desert bird, a road runner, graced us for a time while visiting with Pat and Fred.
And the week ahead will have us travel some more roads, meet up with more friends and enjoy more of what southern Arizona has to offer.

But the 'piece de resistance' was enjoying the numerous photos and videos we viewed when our little Edmonton, Alberta based grandson, Owen enjoyed a fabulous 2nd birthday.  Even from this distance away, it was fun to partake in his fun day.  

And we also got to get some Face Time in with our Langley, BC based family too.

And that's it from here for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Rest? It does happen, just not often. We are known by our neighbours here as 'the couple who are never home'.
    Can't say that we don't enjoy ourselves though🍻

  2. Glad things have turned around and you are finally able to enjoy your southern trip.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. Enjoy your time there, as you always do.

  4. Enjoy the time with your friends!!
    Looks beautiful there !!
    Happy birthday to little Owen!!.. Can't believe he is two already !!

  5. Hope you enjoy your time, your photos are lovely! Greetings from Montreal! :)