Thursday, January 14, 2016

Update - Yuma, AZ

Our motorcycle friends from Edmonton, Alberta dropped by for a visit.
We arrived in Yuma, AZ last Sunday noon.  Once set up, our focus was to wash the grime off the 5th wheel, truck and the motorcycle.  The motorcycle took the most amount of time to detail.  But, the Harley is back to its usual shiny self.

Our Alberta friends - along with US friends - dropped by to say hello, have a chat and to invite us on a Tuesday ride.  And ride we did!
Brawley, CA traffic light
We left the Fortuna de Oro RV Resort @ 10:00 am.  The sky was blue, the wind was lite!  We pointed our wheels west to our back road destination that included Calexico, and El Centro, CA.  After a break and some coffee with Cinnabons,we continued north and east from El Centro.
North from El Centro, CA - Eastbound on Highway 78
At the lookout in the Imperial Sand Dunes
It is quite a vista from the lookout high above the dunes.  A weekday ride only revealed a few sand dune buggies.  The weekends create a buzz here though.  So many weekenders, with quads, off road motorcycles and sand buggies race up and down the sand hills.
At the high point lookout in the Imperial Sand Dunes
The sand coloured Mercedes in the background is a German made RV.  This is one sturdy home on wheels that sported a European license plate.  One almost needs a ladder to climb into the cab, let alone climbing into the RV component.
California Highway 38 southbound to I-8 on our way back to Yuma, AZ
Five hours after leaving the RV park in Yuma, we waved out good byes to our co-riders and rode to my brother and his wife's Yuma home for a mid-afternoon visit and dinner.  Bernie and Rita have called Yuma their winter home for better than 15 years now. 
Enjoying the sun at my brother and sister in law's home in Yuma, AZ
Last evening, while waiting for our table at a favourite downtown Yuma restaurant, with Bernie and Rita, our iPhone rang.  It was our little Edmonton based grandson, Owen who was celebrating his 2nd birthday, calling to FaceTime with Jeanette and I.  And he put on quite the show too.  Our handsome little man also had his mom bring his baby sister, Kaylie into the picture.  He adores his little sister.  And Owen got to see his great Aunt and Uncle too.  What fun!

Grandson Owen shown here celebrating his 2nd birthday with his baby sister Kaylie
A couple more rides are in our plans.  Today, Jeanette and I plan our own ride through the lovely vegetable fields in the area and likely leading us past the Yuma Army Proving Grounds and into Martinez Lake.  We could find a decent date shake along the route!

Another ride with our Yuma based friends is planned for either Friday or Saturday.  And we  sure look forward to that. 

Other than those activities, we are enjoying the sun, more visits with Bernie and Rita and some of their friends too.
We shared a fun FaceTime with these two and their folks last evening
We have reservations at the Canyon Vista RV Resort in beautiful Gold Canyon - only minutes east from Mesa and about 30 minutes east from downtown Phoenix - this Sunday, January 17th.  Jeanette and I will roll out from Yuma on Sunday mid-morning.

And that's pretty well it from here for now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Enjoy your rides and hope the weather is warm enough for you in Mesa.

    1. Thanks. We are heading to Gold Canyon - further east from Mesa.

  2. We look forward to catching up with you. We're still in the same spot at CV. Glad you finally made it, and brought some heat with you.

  3. We will be there for a couple of weeks and we'll be sure to check in with you two.

  4. When will you be leaving Gold Canyon? We would love to stop by and see you guys before you leave, but it seems like we have something going on every weekend through the end of the month. Hopefully we can connect!

    1. We roll out of Canyon Vista RV Resort on the 31st of January. If possible, it would be nice to meet up.