Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Series of Firsts En Route To Palm Springs

Caliente Springs RV Resort - Desert Hot Springs, California
We arrived at Caliente Springs by noon, yesterday (Monday, Feb. 1).  We are settled here for the months of February and March. It's our 5th year here....and it's nice to be back.  Click on the link to view the WEB site:   Caliente Springs Resort | RV Resorts Palm Springs

To get here from the Phoenix, Arizona area presented us with a series of firsts:
1. First time driving west on I-10  (we have driven east before and we've taken other routes to the Phoenix area but we had never, ever driven east to west).
2. The first time we overnighted in the Hidden Beaches RV Park, situated approximately 3 miles north and 4 miles east from I-10 and the small town of Blythe, CA.
3.  The first time we have driven through a near white out sand storm while fighting strong head winds.
Readying to leave Canyon Vista RV Resort, Gold Canyon, Arizona
With only the motorcycle to load onto the swivel-wheel, Jeanette and I were rolling out of the Gold Canyon, AZ, Canyon Vista RV resort by 10:00, this past Sunday.
Leaving Gold Canyon
We really like this area of southern Arizona.....and we'll be back.  Motorcycling here is but one of the attractions.  The desert, its offerings, golf, hikes, entertainment, dining opportunities, good friends and the climate are reason enough to return.
Heading west on I-10
Jeanette and I noted that driving west from Gold Canyon, past Apache Junction, Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Glendale, Goodyear, Buckeye and more, took well over one hour.  That involved driving through the greater Phoenix metropolitan area on US 60 to I-10.  It took a full 70 minutes to get away from city traffic!
Still heading west on I-10
With a one day gap between our departure from Canyon Vista RV Park and our arrival at Caliente Springs RV Resort, we needed one overnight spot along the 5.5 hr. route.  We had never been to Hidden Beaches RV on the west shore of the Colorado River.  Checking their WEB site, it offered several, long pull through sites, about 3.5 hours into our westward drive.  We booked in for one night.
One of the many interesting places in Blythe.
We chose to pull into the large Pilot Diesel truck stop in Quartzsite for fuel before heading only about 1/2 hr. into Blythe, CA and into the Hidden Beaches RV park.
Northbound through the town of Blythe - Farming country
One interesting tid-bit was how the countryside changed from desert (Quartzsite, AZ) into green fields of vegetables, hay and other crops once we crossed into the state of California.
Vegetable crops
Arriving at Hidden Beaches RV park.
Although an older RV park, with several full-timers who appear to live here, the long pull through sites are most suitable for a short stay. Water and power are offered and there is a dump site available.
Nestled into a long pull-through site for one overnight.
We only required water and power so a one night stay suited us.
Level grass sites - No need to unhook
We were aware of a storm that was forecast to bring high winds and rain in the area.  We were set up well before the storm hit.  By morning, the grounds were dry and the wind had abated.
The Colorado River from the RV Park
The river appears to be quite low here.  So much water is diverted to water crops all over central and southern California and the southwestern area of Arizona.
Photo of the picture taker
The Colorado River looking northbound
 I would have enjoyed taking our Sea Eagle kayak out on the river but the strong, gusting winds made that journey uninviting.  The kayak stayed dry.
Blowing winds....and blowing sand.
Monday morning, I checked three weather services before continuing our westward, 2.5 hour drive from Blythe to Desert Hot Springs.  The intense wind advisories had been withdrawn and there was no mention of strong, gusting winds with blowing sand.  So, imagine our surprise when the winds gusted strong and we found ourselves in a sand storm for the better part of 40 minutes.
Increasing winds and blowing sand.
Sand was not accumulating on the Interstate.  Good thing!  Plows would have been needed to push the sand off - similar to snow plows that clear roads in the snow belts.
Near white out conditions.
We did learn that one north/south road - Gene Autry Trail, on the extreme west side of Palm Springs - was closed due to sand accumulations from the blowing winds.
Finally out of the sand storm
Approaching the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs country)
Although the winds persisted, and with the sand storms behind us, we arrived into the Palms Springs area (Coachella Valley) before lunch.
A snow view on top of Mount San Jacinto, CA
With the sand, dust and rain that we faced, the motorcycle and truck are in need of a wash.  We will tend to that today.  The RV will get some detailing in the days ahead too. 

The winds are gone, the sun is bright and the temperatures are rising.  By late this week, temperatures will return to the most pleasant mid-70's.

More to come in the days and weeks ahead.  thanks for dropping by.


  1. We were going to head out yesterday, but decided to wait for the winds to die down, the sand storms are not fun to drive in.
    Enjoy your time in DHS.

  2. Glad you arrived safely--lots of clean up work to do!

  3. Glad you had a safe trip and that you were able to break it up into comfortable lengths. Hoping your next couple of months will be as good as your past stays.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. glad you arrived safely at Caliente!..driving through the wind and sand storm must have been a bit difficult..
    our friends are staying at the same park as you...
    they have a white golden doodle..they are always out walking!..maybe you will see them go by..