Thursday, February 11, 2016

Great Weather / Great Activities

The wonderful desert weather has kept us busy: So busy, in fact, that we have to book days off to enjoy our RV park and the facilities it offers.
Mt. San Jacinto
The view of Mt. San Jacinto (photo above) is seen from our RV spot at Caliente' Springs Resort.  One does not tire from seeing that view.  Every day, less and less snow can be seen.  Another day or two and all of the snow will have melted away.
Cruising around Palm Desert
Jeanette and I did some touring around in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert cites.  We were more focused on completing some needed errands. But riding along these nice boulevards is pleasurable.
Super Bowl the pool
Hector's family is quite large.  Several siblings were gathered in the desert and we were invited to join them on Super Bowl Sunday for a round of golf, followed by some pool time and closing out the evening with a five star dinner. They are a fun group!  And dinner?  Well, it was five star.  And the hospitality?  Top class!
Super Bowl Sunday dinner at Roz and Stan's home..... (the ladies are seated at the table further back)
Heading over the San Jacinto mountain range
This past Monday had the motorcycle riding group gathering at the RV Outdoor resort (Cathedral City) before heading out on a long ride.  The temperature reached a balmy 91 degrees.  And that kind of heat is so enjoyable on a motorcycle.  And what a fun bunch of motorcyclists......!
A roadside break
 At 3,000 feet up from the desert floor, some riders were putting on their jackets.  The temperature up there dropped several degrees.  Soon after reaching the summit, the jackets came off.
High desert
The overlook on the way down Highway 74
Easton is learning to skate....and he's learning from the expert figure skater; his mom
Face Time got us caught up with our kids in grand kids in Langley, BC and Edmonton, Alberta.  Our daughter, Ginette sent a few photos along.  Easton is truly enjoying learning how to skate.  And some play time in the forest is an activity they relish.
Brie and Easton playing in the forest
Golfing partner, Fred had planned a Tuesday golf round.  We met at the Shadow Hills golf resort in Indio, CA for our 10:10 am tee off.  Picture perfect weather and luscious green space was met with enthusiasm.  And we did have a great time plying our golf prowess.  This golf course offered a lot of challenges.  
Awesome day of golf
Golfing partners: L-R  Fred, Frank and Hector.
We had planned for a resort day, yesterday (Wednesday).  Jeanette was working the telephone when I left for a brisk morning walk around the resort.  With my iPod and ear buds, I chose a series of fast beats to walk to.

Back at our RV site, Jeanette told me that Lucky (a fellow motorcyclist) had called and offered to have me join a 'guy ride'.  Calling him back, he said they would wait for me to catch up with them.  I quickly changed out into riding clothes and headed off.  And what a ride!

Without passengers, the guy ride is quicker, longer and much more challenging.  We found tight twists and turns, up and down mountain roads, stunning wine country, and a good lunch place too.  What a day.  We were in the saddle for well over seven hours.  It was a five star ride.  I rode through countryside I had not been through before.  Awesome!

Now, with all of these activities, sleep comes very quickly.  As a result, I am up well before sun up. And catching early morning sun ups is something to cherish here in the desert. What a treat!

So, this is how we waste our time, here in the southern California desert.  And what a great way to waste it.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Glad to see you're wasting your time so well. LOL! It's a great way to enjoy life.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. We love wasting time in the desert too it is so rewarding !

  3. Love how the two of you are wasting time!!.. Enjoy!

  4. Time well wasted. Isn't the heat nice!

  5. A great way to waste time. That is a cool contraption Eaton is using to keep from falling.