Saturday, April 9, 2011

Almost done!

It has been a busy time with the move; painting, unpacking and settling in to our new home.  While managing these tasks, there is little to blog about.  One can only show and tell so much.I can say this though, upon Jeanette's return from a 10 day trip to Alberta, she loved the colour scheme. Yeah!!!!

Our week has been filled with appointments, preparing tax stuff for our accountant, and putting the finishing touches in the house.  It's all good.
The weather girl called for a sunny day before another wet and cloudy system comes through the coastal area so we  chose to take advantage of the sun and take a motorcycle ride in the countryside for some fresh air.
I finished painting the last room....and cleaned things up.

A good friend dropped by to have a look at the new place and for lunch.

After Sue left, Jeanette and I geared up and left on our three hour motorcycle ride.  It was a pleasant afternoon with temperatures hovering between 50 and 55 degrees.

We avoided all four lane roads and freeways in favour of the country roads.
We are blessed with so many choices for riding.  We can ride all over the greater Vancouver area and - with some exceptions - can avoid the freeways and major arterial roads.
Numerous hobby farms in our area.
....and humongous estate homes too.
Another of the dozen or so huge country homes we saw in our travels.
Very nice back roads in and around south Langley, BC.
We didn't have a destination in mind when we left our home but, as is usually the case, we were drawn to the mighty Fraser River. 
This switchback road will lead us to the Fraser River.
We're on the south side of the Fraser River but this CN train is blocking our view.  That's commerce at work. 
It must have been the time of day because there was a lot of long train transport activity.  We waited for three different trains during our ride.  No complaints.  I love watching trains roll by.  It conjures images of the goods they transport and their final destinations.

With so much train traffic, Jeanette got off the motorcycle and took photos.  I just watched them all roll by.

When we able to get across the lanes towards the Fraser River, we were met with these wonderful views.

We loafed around the dock for 15-20 minutes, simply enjoying the views.  From here we took a brief ride to a tributary of the river where these boating enthusiasts were also taking advantage of a wonderful Friday afternoon.
We are in the town of Fort Langley, British Columbia's first capital city before moving to New Westminster and then to Victoria, on Vancouver Island.
Kwantlen First Nations Reserve on the north side of this tributary.

Coming or going?  Not sure!

Whether for practice or pleasure, these rowers were burning the calories.
No more train traffic.
So with the mid afternoon trans Provincial trains en route, it was a seamless, non stop ride, back towards home.  By riding the country roads we completely avoided all the typical end of the week traffic snarls and grid lock.

We had one stop to make along the way back home.  We stopped here for a couple of electrical switch plates that were missing in the new home.

This grocery and hardware store is mere minutes from our south Langley home.
This photo doesn't do justice to its size.  We took out a membership shortly after moving here.  With rare exceptions, this store has almost everything we need.

So back home we rode.....and called it a day.
Our front driveway.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. nice ride!..we love the Langley area and always think of reasons for heading out that way rather than in the congestion of our neighbourhood!.
    glad that all the reno's are almost done!..time for another ride??

  2. Sure glad Jeanette liked the new colour scheme. I don't think I could ever be that lucky with Paulette. Then again, I'm not so good with colors anyway.

    It was nice to see all the pics from your bike ride in the country and especially the Fraser River!