Monday, April 18, 2011

Wonderful Visitors....great weekend!

Daughter with mom - Friday morning
Son with mom - Friday evening
It has been since last Christmas that we were all together as a family.  How nice to have both of our children visit on the same weekend.  Ginette arrived @ the Abbotsford airport this past Friday @ 8:20 am. and Deni arrived at the same airport on Friday evening @ 7:15 pm.  They both live in Edmonton and flew in for the weekend.
Abbotsford Airport, British Columbia - 10 minutes from our new home.
Deni's girlfriend, Courtney had arrived 5 days earlier to visit with her family and friends.  She met Deni at the airport and they came over to the new home.

Ginette's husband, Trevor stayed back in Edmonton to look after some much needed chores but they will all be out  again in four to five weeks.  Can't wait!
Having arrived on an early morning flight, Ginette was looking forward to a good cup of coffee.
Spending time catching up on news from her world and ours.
Touring the new home.

Freshly painted and completely organized.

New look.
Ginette liked the new home.  Our two kids pretty well grew up in the former house in White Rock.  We had lived in our previous home for over 21 years.  Both liked the new place and gave it their seal of approval.  Yeah!!!!
Courtney and Deni both liked the new home too.

Getting familiar with the new kitchen too.  Deni loves to cook and a kitchen is of primary importance to him.
So, after the 25 cent tour of the new home was completed, we settled down to chat and plan the weekend activities.  That started the ball rolling and we found ourselves at a goat cheese family run operation in north Cloverdale on Saturday morning.  The owner was all to happy to give us a tour of their new operations.  Most impressive.....and the goat cheese is to 'die for'.
Looking  for the 'kids'  - baby goats that is!

We walked over to these 8 month old goats.  They should be milking in about another three to four months.

Most interesting goat farming operation.

Can't help but like these nice faces.

Even the guard - Llama - had to check us out to make sure we weren't a threat to the little goats.
Following the tour, and loading up on fresh goat cheese, we headed further west to Granville Island in downtown Vancouver.
South side of False Creek in downtown Vancouver, BC.

Granville Street Bridge - above.
Having grown up and attended university on the west coast of British Columbia, our children relished being downtown and enjoying the fruits and flavour of Granville Island.  We spent some time here gathering various foods for our seafood barbecue on Saturday evening.

Crowded with shoppers like us.


Jeanette purchasing some fresh veggies.

Deni and Courtney went off in search of some fresh prawns.
Deni is having a long look at those carrots....but we settled for asparagus.

People, people, people everywhere......!
After battling the crowds for an hour or so, we decided to have lunch here and enjoy some of the outdoor entertainment on the False Creek waterfront.

Street light banner.
Looking west toward Vancouver Island.

Deni & Jeanette watching kids feeding the pigeons.

Long lens shot of English Bay.
Following a couple of hours of shopping and touring Granville Island, we headed back for home to prepare our foods for a seafood dinner.
Ready for the barbecue

Preparing the salmon steaks.

Arranging  the asparagus.
It didn't take long for us to get all the food stuffs ready.
On the barbie....

....and in the belly!
Ginette missed out on this great dinner to spend some quality time with several of her best friends.  Deni, Courtney, Jeanette and I really enjoyed this feast.

As with all great visits, it ended far too quickly and on Sunday morning, Deni left with Courtney to spend time with her family and in the early evening,  we drove Ginette back to the Abbotsford Airport for her return flight back to Edmonton.
Deni & Ginette with mom on Sunday morning.

A great weekend though!  Yeah!...the NHL Vancouver Canucks won....and we now are leading the quarter finals by three games to none over the Chicago Blackhawks!!!!  Gotta love that!!!!

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  1. what a great Vancouver weekend you all had!..thanks for sharing the 'kids' with us!..the house looks beautiful!!

  2. Glad to hear the kids liked the new digs - that's important.

    Your seafood dinner looked fantastic! Nice pics of Granville Island and Vancouver.

    Great weekend with your family! Jeanette looked so happy in all the photos.