Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things are looking colourful

Colour change....from boring builder beige!!!
Followers of this blog will recall our recent move to our new home and of our decision to paint the entire house before we unpack.  Well, that task is better than 85% complete.  Other than the bathrooms, Jeanette's sewing room and one bedroom, I managed to paint the rest of the house while Jeanette has been away in Alberta.  She will have been away for 10 days when she returns.  This house will not look at all like it did when she left.
Open staircase leading to the loft.
Jeanette flies back home tomorrow, from Edmonton, and the new paint scheme will be her first look.  She was not consulted on the colours so we'll gauge her reactions as she visits each room.  Painter's choice, right???

Wonder if Jeanette will like this colour scheme?
It is possible that Jeanette will check the blog and if so, it could trigger a telephone call with requests for colour change.  You think?  Seriously though, I think she will like this.  Hey, she can always take paint to brush and start over, right?
Navy blue accent is quite striking.
Ceramic tiles will replace this existing kitchen floor, in the months ahead.

Front entrance.
I'm sure looking forward to seeing the sun in the coming days.  We have not seen any sun since I started painting and it would sure be nice to see the effect of this effort with sun shining through the house.  We have had a lot of rain and cloudy days since our return from the desert.

Just got rid of the boxes in the loft.  Still sorting our how the office will be configured.  It's all subject to change.  Once that's accomplished, the numerous wall hangings will be placed.  Still a bit messy here...but not for long.

Well, I'll let you know what Jeanette thinks of these improvements.  More on that in a future blog.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Well, you sure have got yourself out on a limb there by choosing interior house colors without a spousal consultation. You are a very brave sole indeed. From way over here in Ontario the color looks just fine. Good luck:))

  2. You are an extremely brave man! For what it's worth, and it ain't much, I really like the new colour scheme.

    I'm sure Jeannette will be pleased too. If she asks you to go to Edmonton for a visit for 10 days, I'm sure you'll know why!!

  3. Jeanette is going to love it!! Tell you what- next year I'll give you the keys to our can surprise us any day!! Well done!!

  4. well done Rene!..hope Jeanette loves it!..very brazen of you to choose such a dark colour! it!!

  5. OHHHH--Jeanette is a brave woman! Hope she likes the colors!

  6. Nice color scheme ... I like the accent color.

  7. Nice digs! It will be hard to leave it when the road calls!