Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back on the coast....following our Alberta trip.

Jeanette's parents - Mary and John - in their mid to late 80's
After we said our good byes to Jeanette's mom and dad, Jeanette and I drove 85 minutes east from their farm to Edmonton, Alberta, for a visit with our children.

Our son Deni, took a quick break from fence building to fire up the smoker.

Deni's back yard.  Together with his neighbour, they were building a brand new fence.

With the new fence completed - the neighbours at the left, Deni in the middle, Courtney to the right and Jeanette looking on - we enjoyed some fine dinner served outdoors.

Great job on the fence, Deni.

Our daughter Ginette and husband Trevor dropped by to say hello.

Courtney busy watering these lovely flower baskets.

Unloaded the motorcycle from the trailer @ Ginette and Trevor's house.

We spent a couple of days in Edmonton.  I called my nephew Brad and we organized an evening motorcycle ride to the City of Camrose, Alberta....the evening the Canucks were brutally beaten 8-1 by the Boston Bruins.  Sure glad I was riding over watching that hockey slaughter.
Heading out to meet Brad.
Jeanette took this photo but I rode off forgetting to take the camera with me.  Our ride to Camrose - through  the back country - was quite nice. Brad and I talked about organizing our 2nd annual motorcycle ride.  Our plan is to meet in early July in Radium Hot Springs, head south through Cranbrook, BC, and into Washington State.  More on that ride later.
Deni's workplace showroom @ Top Shelf in Edmonton
Jeanette and I dropped in at Deni's workplace to see his new office and explore the brand new showroom At Top Shelf.  The company caters to large developers and custom builders in Edmonton and area.
Group shot with our son.
Highway 16 (The Yellowhead Highway) Jasper National Park entrance.
 The next day Jeanette and I were on the road for the 12 hour drive back to the west coast.

Wildlife along the route.

Traffic was relatively light.  A most pleasurable drive.

Leaving the province of Alberta and entering British Columbia.

Still a fair bit of snow to melt....and the river and lake waters are very high.
The weather was quite pleasant and we enjoyed our scenic drive back through the Rocky Mountains to our home on the coast.
Now back at home, the truck, trailer and motorcycle were in serious need of a good washing.

Almost done.
Well that pretty well paints a picture of our last few days in Edmonton and area.  We are quickly returning to our routine (and normalcy) here in Langley, BC.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. welcome back home!! if only there is a win tomorrow!!!

  2. Welcome home! Judging by your blogs, you sure had a great time in Alberta. Looks like the weather was pretty good too.

    Quite the nice fence your son built!

    Just getting my 'game face' on for the big game tonight!

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