Monday, June 13, 2011

Sun, Home Improvement and Fun

With the sun shinning, it was the call to get outdoors and change up the house trim from salmon colour to charcoal.

With all of the trim edges taped up with painter's tape, the first coat of charcoal paint was applied.
The bench at the front entrance was showing a bit of wear and tear so a coat of melamine outdoor paint worked wonders too.
Trim colour before the change.

The look after one coat. This melamine paint requires a full 8 hours of curing time (unlike regular paint with 2-4 hours) before applying the second coat.  That was done early afternoon, yesterday - Sunday.

Our desert style garden is greening up quite nicely.
Jeanette was attending a wedding shower while I worked on the second coat.  There was the promise to take a late afternoon motorcycle ride once she returned home and I had completed my home improvement job.
With Jeanette's approval on the new trim paint, we geared up and headed off.

Late Sunday afternoon and there was little to no traffic at the Aldergrove Border Crossing heading into the USA.  Coming into Canada proved to be a very long line and an equally long wait.

The Vancouver Zoo seemed to have a good draw. 

We were following our son's dream car - One of Enzo Ferrari's great sports cars.

The Ferrari trailed off westward toward Vancouver while we headed north and east toward Matsqui.

We found another of the numerous paved back roads with large green canopied trees.  Really a beautiful ride, and very peaceful too.

We found our way up towards one of the mountains east of Abbotsford.  The Fraser River is swollen and very wide for this time of the year.

Lonesome rail line.

We took a break at the Matsqui Trail Head - along the Fraser River.

Back home before sun down, Jeanette took one last shot of the new trim paint.  We do like the contrast.
And that was pretty well tells the story of our weekend.  I did motorcycle out to our regular 'Open Mike' coffee session at one of the White Rock, BC, Tim Horton's restaurants, early on Sunday morning.  We typically solved all of the world's problems before deciding to line up a Father's Day Golf game for the 19th.  Looking forward to that golf round.  Our regular men's mid-week golf is well underway.  Always a nice way to break up the week with a Wednesday afternoon regular golf round.

We're expecting some company later this month and we've been approached to possibly head to the west coast of Vancouver Island for some Sockeye salmon fishing.  We're waiting on one of our RV winter colleagues to place the call once the fish start running.  

That pretty well covers the activities here these past few days.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Good job on the trim painting - I really like the colour!

  2. glad to see you got out and enjoyed the nice weather we had on the weekend!..nice choice on the paint colour..the house is looking very nice!!!

  3. The garden looks very golden in its simplicity. Ah, the new paint really blends well with the entire house. It just has an earthy yet warm strike to it, don't you say?

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