Friday, June 17, 2011

A Walk and a Mailbox .....and then more!

The day before yesterday started off with threatening skies....but with mild temperatures.
Jeanette was off to a few appointments and I chose to explore a trail head we had seen that was not far from our home. 
I parked near the entrance.

This unique gate must be to prevent motorized vehicle access.  This is horse, horses are allowed on the numerous trail heads in the area..

Some kind soul left these two chairs about half way through the trail.  Nice spot for a rest.  I kept going though.
About 30 minutes into the hike and I came through the rough trail into an urban/country trail.  With paved roads, the walk got easier.  This is serious horse country and it was really nice to watch the horses meander and feed in their respective patches.

Home made cedar mailbox.
It wasn't long before I noticed the uniqueness of so many mailboxes along the way.  That triggered the idea for this blog. I can't say that I have ever really paid close attention to mailboxes...mainly while driving, but I found them most interesting to look at during my walk.  If you are not into this mailbox blog, fell free to boot off.  I'll understand.
This one appears to have outlived many users.

A really odd one....with a hole in the bottom for drainage.  Seems odd for a west coast type mailbox...considering the moisture we receive here.  Maybe this isn't really a mailbox but I could see no other near the entrance to the acreage.

A more modern recycled plastic type....but really bent out of shape.

This looked like a piece of large water pipe with a welded door and welded back.

A more modern aluminum style with a collage of horses painted on sticky paper.

I'm sure there are many stories with this mail box.  It looked like it faced the wrath of heavy packages over the years.

With the flag up, I gathered it was full of recent mail.  I didn't look in.

This box seemed lonely and unused.

This unique mailbox was placed in front of a beautiful multi-million dollar acreage property and home.  There are other uses for electrical tape.....such a house numbering!  This owner is into recycling.

It seemed as though two neighbours shared a close proximity for their mail box service.

Ultra modern.

The nicest mailbox, in my view.

This type was the most typical of the many I saw on my hike.

This owner keeps a live plant on the back of the post.  Nice touch.
Two hours after I started my walk, I returned to my entry point and headed home.  Only one other couple were on the trail.  It was a fine walk.  I hope you enjoyed the mailbox tour.  I didn't start out with a plan to feature mailboxes but you never know what triggers a blog.

Thanks for dropping by.
Not sure of this one is in use but it did look disheveled...and neglected.


  1. Great idea, Rene! I really enjoyed seeing all those old mailboxes. Maybe it's because my Dad was a letter carrier all his life!

    Looks like you had a great walk too!

  2. Always kinda neat to see how creative people can be with things as simple as a mail box.

  3. now this was a great idea!!..quite the collection of mailboxes! if only we could get mail delivery!!..darn strikes!
    I like the barn one too!!

  4. That was super....They are just like people aren't they, come in all sizes and ages and colors...LOL