Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Memorial, a Festival and an Engagement!


This past Friday was a sad day for me and some of my motorcycling colleagues.  Our good friend, rider and bon vivant, Dick Lemckert, was memorialized at the Valley View Funeral Home in Surrey, BC.  On a group ride in northwest Washington State, two weeks ago today, Dick suffered a massive heart attack while riding.  I was not along on this particular ride but I am comforted that Dick passed on doing one of the two things he truly loved - aside from family: golf and motorcycling.  Only five or six years previous, Dick suffered a near fatal heart attack while golfing in Invermere, BC. Invermere | Invermere BC | Invermere British Columbia | Visitor Guide He woke up in a Calgary, Alberta,  hospital with a defib and pacemaker in his chest.  He often joked about living on borrowed time.  This man knew how to live life...not stupidly...but with vigour.  He had a wonderful joie de vive!  He laughed a lot too.
Photos taken with my iPhone - Shortly after our arrival at the funeral home.
All lined up in a row.

We were 11 motorcyclists who did a ride by Dick's family home on the way to the funeral home.  We waved, gunned our engines, and rode off in salute to our really good friend.  The family waved back from their deck. 

Dick will be missed by all who knew him.

His company had this to say about him:  Watson Gloves | RIP Dick Lemckert 1951–2011


Jeanette, along with good friend Cynthia, attended the Cloverdale Blueberry Festival yesterday.  It was an enjoyable day that began with a blueberry pancake breakfast.  These girls found a quiet place to enjoy their pancakes.

Pancakes - especially blueberry - can be enjoyed anywhere....including curbs!
A few major streets were blocked off for the festival

These fellas were busy carting away some blueberries.
Cynthia and Jeanette enjoy these fairs and in this case, they really enjoyed looking at all the vintage cars and trucks on display.  I really enjoy this too.  Here a few pix.
Cynthia is enjoying this beauty.  Wonder if she imagines a long ago date in a similar car!
I just love these vintage roadsters.
50's long boat style cars of yesteryear.

I am partial to vintage trucks.  This is a beauty!
.....and so is this one.  This would be nice pulling a small vintage 5th wheel.
A family fair filled with fun, food and festivities.
Lovely flower baskets dot the town's street poles.
So, while Jeanette was enjoying a fun day out with a good friend - and I was at home catching up much needed paperwork - we got some really, really great news too.  Our son Deni announced (via text messaging) that he and his girlfriend Courtney had just become engaged while visiting Maligne Canyon  (Maligne Canyon: a quick tour ) in Jasper National Park, Alberta.  I texted back that mom was off to a fair so he instantly called her cell to announce the news.  Cynthia took Jeanette's camera and got a photo of the important phone call!!!
Jeanette is speaking with our son who called her to announce his and Courtney's engagement.
A very recent photo of Deni, his mom and Courtney.
What a Saturday!!! Yeah!!!  CONGRATULATIONS DENI & COURTNEY!

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  1. Congrats to Deni and Courtney on their engagement!

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

    Life certainly has it's ups and downs.

  2. boy the emotions at your house are going from one of the spectrum to the other! sorry to hear about the loss of your friend..nice to hear though..that he died doing what he loved!..
    now as for Deni and Courtney!..that is great news..congrats to the happy couple!!!