Monday, August 22, 2011

No boredom.....

The home of the Vancouver Canadians baseball club.
Jeanette and a couple of nursing friends took in a Canadians baseball game last week.  It's always a great outing to enjoy the company of friends in a pretty and inviting baseball field.
The Canadian beat the Salem, Oregon team by 4-1
Had to feel sorry for this local farmer.  He was hauling round bales when the back axle broke.  Another tractor showed up to remove the bales, place them temporarily in the ditch and haul the broken trailer away. 
Daughter Ginette and husband Trevor flew in last Wednesday evening  They were here to attend Trevor's sister's wedding this past Friday evening.

Jeanette picked up some local blueberries and began the process of making several jars of jam.
We took a ride into Fort Langley.  We were looking for a specific gift and we found it.
While Jeanette was shopping I walked around Fort Langley and took some photos.  It is such a pretty place....and the original Provincial Capital of British Columbia.
The municipality has maintained the historical look with all new construction.  Very nice.
This photo is for all the RVers with dogs.  This is a thriving business and I particularly liked this painted sign.  If any of you are ever in this area, this could be an attraction for you and your pets. 
Fort Langley is nestled along side the mighty Fraser River.  We rode by and I could not resist taking this photo of a well maintained fishing boat docked near the old river ferry dock.
Trevor and Ginette prepare to leave for the pre-wedding photo shoot with family.
Jeanette and I attended the wedding.  It was held at the Redwoods Golf and Country Club in north Langley.  It was a beautiful day and evening for an outdoor event.
Nicole (L) and her future husband Trevor (M) with Ginette.  Nicole was Ginette's maid of honour at her wedding and Ginette will reciprocate this November at Nicole and Trevor's wedding. Trevor was our son in law Trevor's, best man too. When these two girls call out to or for their respective Trevor's, I wonder how the guys respond when they are all together.  Wonder of wonders!!!
A perfect setting on a perfect day.
Trevor with his paternal grandparents.  In their mid to late eighties, they are most vibrant and engaging.
The ceremony.
It was a beautiful event that was well attended by friends and family of the bride and groom.

Ginette and Trevor returned to Edmonton yesterday morning.  It was a busy four fun filled days.

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  1. nice to see everyone all 'gussied up'!!..may the happy couple have a long and successful marriage!!
    now, as for Fort Langley? it!!..and Leroy McMutts? much fun if you have four legs and a human with a wallet!!

  2. What a perfect day for an outdoor wedding - it looked terrific.

    You have been busy - baseball, touring Fort Langley and entertaining your daughter and her husband.

    Fort Langley has always been a 'drive thru' place for us. We just may have to stop and take a look after seeing your photos - it looks like a very nice place to visit.

  3. Back in the mid 50's we lived close to Nat Bailey Stadium (Capilano Stadium back then) and my dad and I used to take supper to the grass slopes of Little Mountain and watch the Vancouver Mounties Baseball from there. We needed to use binoculars to see anything but it was fun anyway!

  4. Nice looking wedding! That was what I came here to say before I got carried away by baseball...