Monday, August 1, 2011

Lavender, Dinner Out....and a Lazy Sunday.

On Saturday, Deb and Jeanette headed off for a tour of a lavender farm.  By all accounts, this was a worthwhile stop in their quest to see and do as much as possible.
Deb is getting a good sniff here....
Jeanette seems to be trying to straighten out some wind displaced stocks....
Once back to our home, the girls freshened up - as did I - and we left for our drive to Vancouver.
We were going to meet up with one of Deb's good friends. She and her husband - now retired - live in Powell River.  Fern was in Vancouver visiting her brother who is convalescing at Vancouver General hospital.
We had the time and we chose to drive north on the Golden Ears Bridge.
Just to change things up a bit, we took a less conventional route to Vancouver - via Highway 7 - through Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, North Burnaby, Port Moody and into east Vancouver.  Driving down Hastings Street took us by the Pacific National Exhibition and Empire Field (where our BC Lions Football club play on a temporary field).
We met up with Fern @ Vancouver General Hospital. Deb and Fern are into their cups....ah, I mean their fine wine.
We chose to get away from the 'Fire of Lights', fireworks crowd heading for downtown Vancouver.  We drove east to the Italian district in the city.  Commercial Drive was alive and filled with like minded folks looking for a good Italian restaurant.  We found our special place and enjoyed a wonderful meal.
Sisters also share a wee toast.
Not to be left out, Fern and I share a toast too.
Marcello's is an authentic local Italian restaurant and it does not disappoint. We arrived early enough to get a good table.  Within minutes, there was standing room outdoors.  Hungry patrons were clamoring for a nice table too.

After a most satisfying dinner we chose to head back near the south downtown core to a coffee place.  There we enjoyed some early evening chat before leaving Fern at her B&B.

Sunday was pretty much spent taking it easy.  The two sisters enjoyed each others company and conspired on future events and activities planned for Alberta later this August.
Following a nice dinner at home, we drove Deb to the Abbotsford Airport for her return flight to Calgary.
Jeanette and I are taking advantage of this nice and sunny holiday Monday and are heading off for a motorcycle ride to Whistler.  More on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. hope you waved as you headed through our neighbourhood!!..what a great visit with Jeanette's sister!!..have a great day in Whistler!!!..we know there will be many a picture later today!!

  2. Beautiful lavender fields. Great photos at the restaurant. Have a nice ride to Whistler..

  3. Looks like a great weekend of fun.

    Strangely, my blog tomorrow is going to be about guess what? Lavender!!

  4. OK Rick, I'm looking forward to your blog on lavender.