Saturday, July 30, 2011

Visitor from Calgary and Activities

Sisters: Deb and Jeanette

We received a visitor from the neighbouring province of Alberta.  Deb lives in Calgary with husband Bob and son Jonathon.  Twice each year, these two get together and when that happens, you just know there will be a flurry of activities.

Here they are in Fort Langley enjoying lunch.
Visiting the popular Krause Berry Farm.
Although there is no photographic evidence, I am told that Deb could no resist a piece of fresh baked bumble berry pie with ice cream.

That pie alone called for a nice evening hike on one of the local trails.

The local farmers are busy bailing hay for their farm animals.
I did join the girls for the evening walk. The smell of fresh cut and newly bailed hay that permeated the air was really inviting and pleasant.

I was busy with a project yesterday but I knew these two sisters would find a treasure trove of activities.  Off they went and when they returned in the early evening, there was a lot of chatter (photos too) about where they had been.

These little Alpacas were inviting too.
Jeanette and Deb chose to visit a local Alpaca farm.  Who could resist the attraction to these beautiful animals!

There is certainly some mutual curiosity to check each other out!
What's not to like about these wonderful animals who originated from Peru, South America.
The girls got lucky at the Alpaca farm.  The woman who runs it was not busy at that very moment and, after chatting for a while, she invited Jeanette and Deb to walk around her pristine farm.  It is stunningly beautiful, clean and organized.

Jeanette and Deb grew up on a farm in Alberta.  It seems fitting that they would be attracted to this farm, the topography and the animals.
The alpacas love to get very close to the visitors who adore them.

After a while, the girls headed off for one of the many local wineries.  Their intention was to find a perfect bottle of white for some fresh halibut that was planned for the bar-b-q last evening.

Deb and I seated outside the winery.
I was driving back home from White Rock and chose to call Jeanette's cell.  To our collective surprise, they were at the Domaine de Charbeton Winery and Bistro only 2 minutes from where I was driving.  I stopped in and after some wine tasting, the girls continued on their journey and I drove home with a few bottles of wine.

Deb suits the indoor environment well, don't you think?   Did you purchase a ticket?
This is the new local lottery home and the girls chose to drop by for a tour of the place.
They must be imagining a win.....
It is a lovely home in High Point - located on 200 Street and 0 Avenue in Langley.  O avenue is right on the USA/Canada border.

Interesting sunken dining room!
Blackie's Spit @ Crescent Beach.  We have strolled this beach area often these past 30 years or so.
They drove west to White Rock and the Crescent Beach area where they enjoyed another hike; this time along the sea shore and Blackie's Spit.

These natural grasses add to the unspoiled trails in the area.  Note the yacht in the background.  It is the start of the long weekend and boats were heading out to sea.
An even larger 45' to 50' yacht heading out to sea.
After a busy day of touring and visiting, they returned home with some fresh halibut and crab cakes for the bar-b-q.  We closed off the evening with laughter and chat.

We'll see what today brings in terms of activity.  I guarantee one thing for sure, there will be some activities and I am the designated driver for today's excursions. Great fun, to be sure!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. nice to see two sisters who enjoy each other's company!!..what a fabulous day they had!....thanks for the tour!..we have been to only a few of the places they stopped!!..hope today is a great day too!!..have fun being the DD!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the sisters day with the rest of us. Sure looks like Jeanette and her sister Deb had a great day.

    At least you got the name Alpacas correct. I always call them Llamas and end up getting corrected!

    Glad to see summer is finally here - I hope!!!