Saturday, July 9, 2011

Motorcycle Trip - Phase 1

Thompson River - Highway 5 north of Kamloops, BC
Well, I was on my way riding north to Blue River, BC.  It's there I would meet my nephew Brad,  on his motorcycle.  This was a second annual ride since he joined the motorcycling realm.

This photo cannot do justice to the power of these raging waters

With the record setting snowfalls during the winter, the spring and summer runoffs have raised the river water levels over previous years.  No threat of flooding here though.

Highway 5 north follows the Thompson River for many miles (KM).  I never tire of this scenery and low traffic frequency.

Cruising along, I spotted this rafting company navigating the river.  These river rats were having a blast.

They had to work in unison to keep from drifting into rocks.

Even moving as fast as they were, they took the time to cheer and high five me.

Another shot as they went by and continued southward towards their river base.
I made it into Blue River - after a 6.5 hour ride - and met with Brad who had arrived about one hour earlier.  No photos of our nice motel nor our nice dinner though.  I got too busy catching up on news from his world and vice versa.

Brad is parked at the front of our breakfast place in Clearwater, BC.  This is the entrance to Wells Gray Provincial Park.  We had a great breakfast in a highway restaurant.

Gearing up to continue our ride following breakfast.

Along the Thompson River just north of Lytton in the Fraser Canyon.
Once in Kamloops, we took on some fuel and headed south on Highway 5A.  Although the famous Coquihalla Highway is quicker, we wanted to travel the s-curved highway 5A into the Quilchena Valley and Merritt, BC - home of the annual Merritt Mountain Country Music Festival.
Following lunch in Merrit, we rode west on Highway 8 toward the old Trans Canada Highway #1 into the Fraser Canyon.

We stopped because just ahead of us was the Kumsheen Rafting Company treating their guests to some fast moving river rafting over raging white water.

Because the river is so high and the raging waters dangerous, a back up boat is always there to pick up those unfortunate sportsmen/women who could fall out of the lead boat.

These are ominous rapids.

You get the feel for the size of these river rafts.  This sport draws large crowds during the summer and we seldom ever hear of injury and/or death.  It is a well regulated tourism industry.

Following a much need break, we resumed our deep into the Fraser Canyon.

Although we felt we would get rained on, we managed to skirt every thunder head and rain cloud.  We were lucky on this ride.

Sheer rock face @ Hells Gate.

Another resting spot.
Al from  TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH:))  had asked me in an early blog if the high snow melt was having a effect on the raging waters at Hells Gate.  Well I took the camera and walked over to the lookout and here's what we saw.

Good timing as the tram was on its way back up.

Look at the boiling river below.

The tourists who took the tram ride were thrilled with their experience.

Yes Al  TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH:))    these waters were raging and boiling as you well remembered from your trip many years ago 

Dressing up for the rain that never happened.

Needing another riding break, I led Brad into one of our favourite Fraser Valley golf courses - The Sandpiper @ Harrison Mills.  That is the Harrison River in the background.

The pro shop to the right.

This is a wonderful destination for rider and golfer - on any given day.

Back home for a change of clothing - some quick chores - a final visit with my niece and her family - and we prepare for the second leg of our motorcycle journey, an 8 BC Ferries cruise up Vancouver Island - over to the Sunshine Coast and back in to the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.
 Brad's wife Jamie, flew into Abbotsford airport yesterday and we leave early this morning for our island junket.  We would love to drop in on our numerous island friends - including Rick and Paulette Rick & Paulette's RV Travels who are planning their own island RV trip.  Because we have such a short timeline, we will plan another trip to visit our friends in Victoria, Cowichan Bay, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, etc., at a future time
My nephew Brad (my oldest sister's youngest son) washing dishes with the help of my niece (my middle sister's youngest daughter) following dinner.
 So that wraps up our activities for the past few days.  We leave early this morning for the motorcycle circle tour to Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, and back into the Lower Mainland.  More on that in a later blog.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. great day for a ride!..hells gate is one place we have never been!!

  2. What a beautiful tour along the ragin' rivers. Those rafters looked to be in some pretty rough waters.

    We're heading up to the Surfside RV Resort in Parksville on Monday so if you happen to find yourself in that area, cruise on in.

    Sorry we couldn't be at home for your bike tour! Next time, though.