Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Overdue Visit

Heading over the toll bridge on our way to Port Coquitlam.
 Jeanette and I had not been to visit my mid-eighties aunt in over eight months.  A visit was long overdue. 

Early afternoon traffic was quite light.

Our arrival at her condo in Port Coquitlam, BC
Aunt Kay had not change one bit since our last visit.  It's always fun to drop by.
Famous for her baking, Kay and Jeanette spent some quality time catching up on our respective lives.
 Kay was married to my mother's oldest brother.  They lived in the city of Vancouver for over 55 years before retiring and moving to Port Coquitlam.  My Uncle Ed passed away several years back.

We have to book an appointment to visit with Kay because she manages a very busy schedule with her bowling league, crib and bridge leagues, Legion bingo's, her daughters and the grandchildren.
Although lunch was not in our plans, Aunt Kay will always prepare something. But the best part has to be her baking.
Now that is what I call a pie!  Aunt Kay is by far the best baker I know. This mix of rhubarb, apples and other fruit was incredibly good.....and fresh baked too!  Yummy!

Kay is showing me her prowess with the cell phone.  While I was there she had me text her phone so that she could record my cell phone number.  She then sent me a text message.  Pretty darned good for a mid-eighties techie, I dare say!
After a four hour visit, we headed for home and Kay began packing her suitcase for a trip to Harrison Hot Springs with her daughters.  She is likely enjoying the hot springs as I write this early morning blog.

That was our Sunday.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. taking time to visit your Aunt is very special!..and hey, she lives in our neighbourhood!!..love the fact that she is so busy with all her activities!..good for her!!!

  2. Your Aunt sure looks great, must be all those activities:)

  3. Your Aunt Kay looks way too young to be in her eighties and is handling that cellphone like a teeny-bopper!!

    That is the best looking pie I've seen in a long, long time!!